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I’ve been having quite a bit of fun lately, I have to tell you. Some of you have the most awesome fantasies. I love a good phone fantasy that I can sink my teeth into. There have been some great cuckold fantasies. In fact, R was telling me all about his cheating wife and . . . → Read More: Sexy Femdom Fun on the Phone Sex Lines

Cocksucking Faggots and Pain Sluts

It has been a really great day that turned into an even better night, I have to say.  Wow.  I am the queen of cocks today.  Even you shrimp dick loser pencil pricklets, I own you too.  I have had the sweet melody of whimpering, combined with the short gasping breath of excitement in . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Faggots and Pain Sluts

Phone Sex Addiction

You may not realize it but I have a confession.  I’m addicted to phone sex. I am.  Probably more so than you are.  I love hearing someone moan for me and whine in their most humiliating voice, “yes, mistress” as I take them and make them my personal fuck toy.  There are just so . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Addiction

Automated Phone Sex??

I had to laugh when I came across this video, it is so damn funny! It’s amazing to me at times how we have removed the “human” factor from our lives on so many levels. I prefer a warm voice and intelligent conversation, not a scripted program or the same thing every time. . . . → Read More: Automated Phone Sex??

Are you naughty or nice?

I can’t believe it’s only 17 days till Christmas. Time sure flies when you’re teasing all you naughty boys! I’m sure you know which list I’m on at the North Pole, don’t you? If you don’t, here’s a little hint:

Happy Happy Santa!

Sort of reminds me of some of the outfits I see . . . → Read More: Are you naughty or nice?

Visions of Vegas dancing in my head!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that LDW has been around for almost 5 years now! I’ve been so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful group of talented women. As I’m sure some of you know we’re going to be celebrating LDW’s Anniversary in Las Vegas! I’m so fired up and . . . → Read More: Visions of Vegas dancing in my head!

Are you a dumbass?

Are you? Do you think you’re not? Well, take this test and find out if you are.

Dumb Ass Test

I scored a perfect score and am NOT a dumbass or retard. So, let’s see if you fall into the dumbass category. If you don’t then maybe you can find your way . . . → Read More: Are you a dumbass?

Your phone sex costume

What candy do you most covet in your Halloween stash?

Anything that goes well with a few wiskey shots

Mmmm… you covet people’s sticky candy hands

Gummi bears

Haloween peeps

Pixie sticks!

Something chocolate-y and crunchy

You covet no candy. You share it with your disciples.

Something sugar free – got keep that figure

. . . → Read More: Your phone sex costume

Sexy is as sexy does

I feel sexy today. I feel sexy and vibrant and full of engery today. More so than other days. So, I think I’ll try to spend as much time as I can doing sexy things. Maybe I’ll eat strawberries in bed Sunday morning. But, one thing I know I will do for sure…answer your . . . → Read More: Sexy is as sexy does

It’s not just Phone sex

If you are a client or customer of mine you know that it’s much more than phone sex. In fact, I’d venture to say that what we have between us is more of an erotic conversation than it is phone sex. Wikipedia defines phone sex this way:

Phone sex is a type of virtual . . . → Read More: It’s not just Phone sex