Are You a Cuckold?

I get these questions a lot, actually.   “What makes me a cuckold”?  “Mistress, am I a cuckold”?  Chances are if you are asking that question you already know the answer.  But, I understand that you are seeking validation.

First Sign You are a Cuckold

You are asking if you are a cuckold.

Second Sign You Are a Cuckold:

Your wife or girlfriend is currently having sex with someone other than you, on a regular basis.  This, is, of course, the definition of a cuckold.  She is “unfaithful” by conventional standards.  I’m sure you prefer to think of her as your hot wife or your slut wife or girlfriend.  Yes, she’s sexy.  But, she’s not sexy just for you.  She’s sexy for whomever she pleases.

Third Sign You Are a Cuckold

You spend a lot of time alone while your wife or girlfriend is off with her lover.  You spend a lot of time thinking about what they might be doing and it makes you jealous but so turned on you can’t stand it.  It’s a strange mixed feeling, isn’t it?  You can’t help picturing them together.  You picture her in lewd positions and being such a slut for him.  She might even do things for him that she would never do for you.

You Are A Cuckold

There are many other ways you could be a cuckold.  Some cuckolds like further humiliation in the form of dressing like a sissy with panties and becoming a little cock lover themselves.  Some cuckolds are cuckolded into chastity or at the very least not allowed penetration any longer with their former sexual partner.  Yes, I said former.

Some cuckolds are cuckolds because they have nothing between their legs and their woman needs satisfaction.  So, she goes out and gets it!  Can you blame her?  A beautiful woman deserves to have the best of all worlds.  So, if you don’t “measure up” in the bedroom she can find someone who will.  But, you can still have the privilege of funding all her lingerie and some of the hotel room fees, etc.

You should probably familiarize yourself with the Cuckold Rules of Conduct.

Oh, and lastly, if she calls you a cuckold, you are a cuckold.