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The Accidental Cuckold – Part 2

Hiding Your Habit

Hearing the voices enter your house you realize that you recognize one of them as your lovely wife, but you notice there is a male voice with her and she has that sound…the one she gets when she’s very horny.  You can almost hear her purring to him, although you can’t . . . → Read More: The Accidental Cuckold – Part 2

The Reluctant Cuckold

Am I a Cuckold?

It’s very late, the bars have closed and here you are, still waiting for her.  Waiting for your girlfriend or wife to come walking through the door.  She called several hours ago and assured you she’d be home soon.  You know who she is with, don’t you?  She’s with that . . . → Read More: The Reluctant Cuckold

Naturally, a Cuckoldress

My First Adventure in Cuckolding

I was speaking with a client the other night and he asked me a question that I get quite often.  The question was, “Have you ever cuckolded someone?”  Well, naturally, I have cuckolded many men.  But he specifically wanted to know about that first time.  To be honest, I . . . → Read More: Naturally, a Cuckoldress

Mistress Interviews and Ultimate Phone Sex Experiences

The Mistress Interviews

I’m back!  I know, I wasn’t around for a bit but I was taking calls, in case you checked to see if I was around and kicking.  I did take a week off from the pool party radio show to prepare for the upcoming Mistress Interviews and we have a great . . . → Read More: Mistress Interviews and Ultimate Phone Sex Experiences

Sex on The Ferry and Weekend Femdom Adventures

A Sexual Ferry Ride

I’m sure most of you know I took a few days off last week to head north and enjoy some fun  with friends.  These particular friends live very far north on an island so our visit involved a ferry ride.  No, not a FAIRY ride, lol.  It’s been a long . . . → Read More: Sex on The Ferry and Weekend Femdom Adventures

My Cuckolding Fantasies

My Cuckolding Fantasy

Whenever I get a man with a cuckold fantasy on the phone sex line I want so badly to be one of his wife or girlfriend’s closest friends.  Why would I want that, you ask?  Because being her close friend would enable me to convince her to begin the slow torturous . . . → Read More: My Cuckolding Fantasies

Birthdays and Phone Sex

I know, what a title.  I couldn’t think of anything else to be honest.  This is about a birthday.  A very special birthday.  Mine.  It’s also about phone sex because if you haven’t had a phone sex session with me in awhile or even if you have and you want more, you have two . . . → Read More: Birthdays and Phone Sex

A New Year and Tribute to a Mistress

Hello my babies and stroke toys! It’s time for 2009 to come to an end. I don’t know about you, but I like to reflect on things that have come to pass and look forward to new beginnings whenever a new year comes along. I have probably helped at least a few thousand of . . . → Read More: A New Year and Tribute to a Mistress