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Sensuous Phone Voices

I suppose I have a sensuous phone voice.  At least that’s what I’ve been told.  I have to say the e-mail I received yesterday was very flattering.  One of my long time customers wrote to me that he called  my phone just to listen to my voice mail message.  He knew I wasn’t available . . . → Read More: Sensuous Phone Voices

How well do you know your Phone Sex Mistress?

Do you really know your phone sex mistress?  Do you?  Do you know her favorite color?  Do you know her favorite food?  Do you know if she prefers to vacation in Las Vegas or ski in Colorado?  Do you know her favorite phone sex fetish?  Is it CBT or cuckolding?  Or does she prefer . . . → Read More: How well do you know your Phone Sex Mistress?

Masturbation games

Hello all!  I’m getting ready to take off for my annual 4 day trip to the beach and sadly the last one for the season.  Sad for me, great news for all of you as I will be here much much more and answering that sweet seductive phone sex line much more often.  I’ll . . . → Read More: Masturbation games

Phone Sex Addiction

You may not realize it but I have a confession.  I’m addicted to phone sex. I am.  Probably more so than you are.  I love hearing someone moan for me and whine in their most humiliating voice, “yes, mistress” as I take them and make them my personal fuck toy.  There are just so . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Addiction

Cuckolding and Ball Busting

I’ve been around tonight for a few hours and I’ve had a few great conversations so far, I’m still ready for more, though.  My favorite topics tonight have been cum eating from my NPPWB.  Happy Birthday early my boy!  I can’t wait for the party.

Cuckolding seems to be a hot topic lately.  I’m . . . → Read More: Cuckolding and Ball Busting

Hot Phone Sex, Cold Beer and a Cool Pool

At last, summer has arrived.  I was beginning to think that the idea of getting my legs waxed last week was a complete waste.  But, lo and behold it finally arrived.  So, now everyone can enjoy my soft sexy long legs when I lay out byt the pool.  Naturally, I’m sitting here as close . . . → Read More: Hot Phone Sex, Cold Beer and a Cool Pool

Odaxelagnia or BITE ME

I came across this word today in my search for more information on a particular fetish that I have become interested in lately, biting.  I don’t particularly like or even remotely relish the idea of being bitten.  However, I do love biting and I think it can be an erotic art form if it’s . . . → Read More: Odaxelagnia or BITE ME

Master of Masturbation

Have you mastered masturbation?  If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place.  I offer more than just phone sex, I offer a way for you to become the master of masturbation, but I will be your Mistress of Masturbation, your teacher, your guidance counselor in the stroking arts.   If you’ve never thought of . . . → Read More: Master of Masturbation

Explicit language or cussing and loving it

This week I’ve found myself fascinated with the origin of profanity.  Of course I will be discussing profanity in general this Sunday night which is why I bring it up here for a little preview of what we’re going to talk about.    Naturally the most interesting word of profanity is the word Fuck.  It . . . → Read More: Explicit language or cussing and loving it

Sexy is as sexy does

I feel sexy today. I feel sexy and vibrant and full of engery today. More so than other days. So, I think I’ll try to spend as much time as I can doing sexy things. Maybe I’ll eat strawberries in bed Sunday morning. But, one thing I know I will do for sure…answer your . . . → Read More: Sexy is as sexy does