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Reasons You Should Eat Your Own Cum

Cum Eating 101 There are quite a few reasons why you might want to eat your own cum, or you fantasize about eating your own cum.  But, there is only one reason that interests me.  You want to do it for ME.  You want to do it for your mistress because I want you to. ...

Phone Sex Has its Perks, Among Other Things

Phone Sex Perks Are you the kind who saves that punch card up to get your free coffee or (in my state) after 10 purchases you get a free joint at the local pot shop?  Are you a frequent phone sex customer?  Mistresses are addictive, aren't they? Well, you're in luck...

What’s Your Panty Personality, Sissy Boy?

Your Panty Personality Every sissy and crossdresser out there have a favorite type of panty they like to wear, right?  But, what does your favorite panty style and fabric or color say about you?  Are you bold and daring?  Are you a shy little submissive sissy?  Do you...

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