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Bigger is Better – Small Penis Observations

Bigger is Better

Yes, big penises are better than small ones.  I have to be honest.  I look at those little penises that are under 6 inches and I can’t help but giggle.  I bet those guys wish they would have eaten their vegetables.  I’m not kidding when I say that.  A lot of . . . → Read More: Bigger is Better – Small Penis Observations

Hot Spots, Kinky Corners and Fetish Phone Sex Calls

Wow, it’s been a fantastic week! So many kinky men, so little time. But don’t despair, I’ll get to you eventually, I promise. After all, we can’t kick off masturbation month without some serious guided masturbation from me, your Mistress of Masturbation, right? Speaking of which, I got a chance to talk about masturbation . . . → Read More: Hot Spots, Kinky Corners and Fetish Phone Sex Calls

Phone Sex Finery

KINKYCOMMENTS.COMI’ve had the chance to speak with some of my absolute favorite submissive phone friends this week.  You are all calling lately and I’m so happy to hear your loving adoring voices.  My little spank boy will be going in for his maintenance spanking today.  He called last night and was wearing white boy shorts with . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Finery

Kinky Talk and a Sexy Walk

We have begun a new venture in our corner of the phone sex genre, Kink Talk Radio.  This is so exciting to me; I get to rant live in an actual podcast every week!  To make it even better, I’m not the only one.  This may be the beginning . . . → Read More: Kinky Talk and a Sexy Walk


I was having one of those ordinary days, went out to the mailbox to see if there was anything of interest inside and behold, my new issue of Cosmo had arrived. Naturally, I came back inside and tossed the rest of the mail on the table, Cosmo still in my hand. I went into . . . → Read More: Va-jay-jay….Va-What?

Automated Phone Sex??

I had to laugh when I came across this video, it is so damn funny! It’s amazing to me at times how we have removed the “human” factor from our lives on so many levels. I prefer a warm voice and intelligent conversation, not a scripted program or the same thing every time. . . . → Read More: Automated Phone Sex??

Thinking about sex…again

Ok, I confess I fantasize about sex a lot. I guess that’s just my nature. I get up in the morning and think about sex, I go for a walk and think about sex, I see a commercial and think about sex. What sort of sex? Well, any kind actually. It depends . . . → Read More: Thinking about sex…again

Are you a dumbass?

Are you? Do you think you’re not? Well, take this test and find out if you are.

Dumb Ass Test

I scored a perfect score and am NOT a dumbass or retard. So, let’s see if you fall into the dumbass category. If you don’t then maybe you can find your way . . . → Read More: Are you a dumbass?