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Sexy Fall Schedule

I thought I would write a quick blog post and let you all know my planned Fall Fun Fetish Schedule!  Well, the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter.  Which is awesome for me, because I love the night, it’s when I get to play with all  of you.  This also explains why you never ever see me in the early morning hours. I am a creature of the night so getting up early is just NOT going to happen.

So, since you all ask me when you hear me dispatching if I’m going to take your sexy calls and when, etc I’m going to break it down by day of the week.  If something should change, check the twitter feed to the right of this page.  As always, I will TWEET when I am on and taking calls.

As always, you can request to be notified when I become available

                         RIGHT HERE

With that said, here is what a week will look like for fall:

Mondays:  Not available for calls

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays:  Most likely I will be available from 9PM to 3AM Eastern

Wednesdays:  Not available

Friday and/or Saturday:  I will leave those open.  If you want to talk to me on Friday or Saturday, I LOVE appointments, so feel free to ask.

Always stretch your muscles before any kind of sex, even phone sex!

If you want to talk to me RIGHT NOW, email me at and I will respond within minutes.  I get my email instantly and I check it frequently.  If you’d like to make an appointment, just ask.

I am NOT available on Mondays.

Am I taking calls right now? Take a look to the right-hand side of this page.  If you see a green sign that says I’m available – I’m taking calls!  If it’s yellow, I’m on the phone.  If it’s red, I’ll be back later.

Get notified when I become available HERE

I will also notify you of my availability by twitter.  You can follow me on twitter @MistressTia.

Click to call Sessions – You can request to talk to me here:    

**NOTE**  I will do text sessions via Skype and I also watch you perform for me on Skype.  I’ll even make some popcorn so you better put on a good show!