About Your Masturbation Mistress

Your Masturbation Mistress

Hi, I’m Tia.  I’m known as the Masturbation Mistress because I find masturbation and the reasons we all masturbate so incredibly fascinating. 

Some people love to be watched when they masturbate. So much so that they often pretend someone is watching them in order to make the masturbation experience that much more intense.  

I know I enjoy watching someone masturbate for me. I enjoy guiding their hands as they explore the most intimate touches. I love to help men get off. I love to help them explore their sexuality.  There is one thing we all have in common, we are all sexual beings.

It doesn’t matter what triggers us, what matters is we are aroused and craving sexual interaction and experiences so when we do have these experiences we must explore them to the fullest capacity.

As a self-proclaimed voyeur, I love to watch or listen to other people masturbate.   I love to have a partner describe to me what they are wearing or tell them in great detail what I’m wearing.

I enjoy it when a man (or woman) shares with me their most guarded fantasies. The kinkier the better. I want to know all about the things that excite you.

 I want to know what turns you on.  I want to know about past sexual encounters. I want to know about present sexual encounters.  I want to know what you are thinking about doing on your next sexual escapade.

I want to hear about every single detail.  I want to hear every single fantasy.  These are the stories that make us all unique.

And what gets me off even more is guiding you through that fantasy, helping you along the way with whatever you might need for that fantasy to become a very intense experience.

Just a few things I enjoy talking about:

Sissy fantasies

Cuckold Fantasies

cum eating fantasies,

coached bi fantasies,

orgasm denial and chastity

body worship fantasies, humiliation fantasies, CBT (cock and ball torture), ballbusting, corporal punishment, and much more.  If you can think of it, we can talk about it.

I like to know what you’re into.

Being a master storyteller I want to guide you through your experience.  I have a way of making you feel at ease so you can enjoy your fantasies and take you to the place where you feel the most comfortable. 

I want you to feel relaxed. I want you to feel comfortable.  I want you to feel aroused.  I want you to let go of all your inhibitions and let me lead you into a realm of total submission and relaxation. 

You are going to love it.  I will pamper you.  I will tease you.  I will lead you.

Guiding you along the way. 

What are you waiting for? 

Let our journey begin!