Summer Sissy Training

I’m so excited!  I love the summer.  I love training sissies in the summer.  It’s just more fun to train a sissy in the summer when I can take advantage of all the possibilities for dress and undress! Especially since anyone who knows me knows I like to spend a lot of my time hanging out by the pool.

I’m sure you’re wondering what sort of things I can do with a sissy at the pool.  Well, I can make that sissy wear a bikini and serve me drinks all day long. Naturally, my friends will also be taking full advantage of having a sissy maid to take care of all our needs by the pool. I can enjoy a good rubdown with some sexy suntan lotion (we wouldn’t want your mistress to burn, now would we?) I can keep you busy painting my nails, refreshing my drink and carrying my towel as well.  You will love being the pool bitch.

Slut Sissy Training

Of course, all my sissies are sluts.  I don’t care if it’s my strap on or a transgender or a real deal cock, you’re going to get fucked one way or the other.  Naturally, I have a few transgender friends who like to hang out by the pool. It gives them a chance to show off their bikinis!

In the evening we will all get into our sheer nighties and pop some popcorn and watch naughty movies by the pool!  Oh, my pool parties are famous for decadence my dear.

Be prepared. Be shaved and be ready to dress exactly how I tell you.  You will be the summer sissy slut you’ve always wanted to be at my pool parties. You will amaze all the party goers with your cocksucking skills and your hunger to learn the best ways to suck a dick.

Get your summer on, sissy!  Let’s party!