Bimbo Barbie

Let me tell you about Bimbo Barbie, the Queen of the Cocksuckers.  Barbie has been a bimbo for about 15 years.  She’s had 44DD implants for over ten years.  She has botox on her lips which makes them look puffy like Angelina Jolie.  Perfect for a bimbo cocksucker!  Barbie even has permanent makeup.  She has permanent eyeliner (with wings), lip liner, and beautiful perfectly arched eyebrows.  ALL permanent.  She has lash extensions and long hard gel nails, painted scandalous bright red.  She has bleached blonde bimbo hair.  Barbie has had complete laser hair removal on her entire body.  She has a little runway patch on her crotch.  Barbie bimbo loves to wear 5-inch heels and show off her long gorgeous legs.  She never wears anything below the knee; she prefers to show off those legs.  She prefers Cuban heel stockings; they are her bimbo cocksucker trademark.

Queen of the Cocksuckers

Barbie has sucked over 500 cocks!  The most she sucked in one night was seven.  She loves to suck cock.  She adores the taste of cum on her tongue and down her throat.  She knows how to lick a cock and stroke it, suck those balls and roll them around in her mouth with her tongue.  You could call her Barbie Penis breath, and you would be so right!  She has even had cum facials.  Barbie thinks having a cum facial is the ultimate thrill.

Barbie the Bimbo Has a Clit

Barbie doesn’t have a penis.  Barbie never had a real penis like real men do.  What she has, I refer to as a stub, because it is a useless piece of skin that doesn’t even function.  The last time Barbie used that useless piece of skin was over 20 years ago.  She doesn’t even miss it.  Barbie sits to pee because she has no penis.  Well, not like most men have a penis.  In fact, she just puts a little pad in her panties, and you can’t even tell she ever had a penis.

Barbie would rather suck a dick than do just about anything.  She is Bimbo Barbie, the Queen of the Cocksuckers!