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Gay or Not? What Being a Girly Sissy Means to You

Top Questions From My Customers

Over the years I’ve had many crossdressers and sissy sluts ask me the same question.  “Mistress, does dressing up and wanting to be a feminine sissy girl make me gay”?  Well, my pretty one, that all depends on you.

Wearing panties and bras, stockings, wigs, lipstick and even walking around in high heels doesn’t necessarily make you gay at all.  In fact, I would say you have a healthy love of girly feminine things and want to experience being a girl.  It makes you feel pretty to have all that lace and satin against your skin, right?  Of course, it does.  But, it doesn’t mean you have to question your sexual orientation.  Most sissies are what I refer to as crossdressers.  Some, more than others might fantasize about being a sissy slut and bending over for a big dick, but not all.  Some want to be pretty.

I’m sure for years you have thought that you are either straight or gay, but you couldn’t possibly be both.  Oh, sweet sissy, you can be whatever you like!

But I Only Think About Sucking Cock When I’m Dressed Up

If suddenly you woke up tomorrow and wanted to don your panties and suck a cock, even if you never have before, I would still say you are NOT gay.  Bisexual, maybe.  But, probably just curious about having a big long dick in your mouth.  Nothing more.  You may have even ventured so far as to eat your cum.  That still doesn’t make you gay.

In the end, I don’t like to put a label on anything.  If you love to dress as a prissy little panty boi, then do it!  If you want to wear only panties but be as girly and femme as you can get, go for it!  If you dream of one day magically becoming a female and having a full relationship with someone, you can do that too.

You are only limited by your imagination, Ms. Sissy.  So, strut your stuff, girl!



“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is” – Jackson Browne


6 comments to Gay or Not? What Being a Girly Sissy Means to You

  • Ken

    Interesting perspective but I would say that the more I want to be a sissy and that is on my mind. I find that I get more horny looking at a dick rather than the vagina. Now with that said I’m not attracted to men but a girly guy dress then I want to suck it and spread my legs and give it to me nice and slow… I guess I’m who I am but what does this make me?
    Hugs & Kisses

  • TeasedM

    We both know that slowly, but surely, over the the years You have made me far more of a sissy for You.
    I now admit that I love being slutty for You Ms Tia. I love being in Your control.
    Being a slut under Your direction and control is the ultimate turn on for me. I enjoy the surrender.
    You are a wonderful and understanding Mistress. I just need to obey.

  • Tia

    Teased – We both know you have definitely become more of a sissy. But, I still think with you it’s more a form of humiliation and not something you were pre-disposed to. It’s the fact that I control you, as you said. The surrender. I honestly don’t have a pet that is more obedient than you, Teased.

    Ken – Labels are a tough thing. I don’t think any one person fits into a mold. That being said, you fantasize about being bi sexual but being feminine when you are in that situation. That’s very normal. I would say you are definitely not gay. In fact, if you think about it, it’s most likely the added humiliation that gets you excited. For instance, is it more arousing if you think of a mistress coercing you to suck that big dick? If so, then it’s the humiliation of a bi sexual encounter with your mistress directing the show.

  • Kendra

    Ken here but I should have said Kendra since that part of me is much stronger. Your right about labels since I wish I could experience an in counter which I’m totally fem’ed out by a mistress and suck and get fucked while you watch and instruct the situation. The fact is my fem side is so strong that I shave my entire body, my brows are waxed ultra thin, I get a fem pixie, wear women’s panties and stretch jeans exclusively… not sure what this makes me but I’m happy with whatever I am.

  • TeasedM

    Thank You for the praise Mistress.
    Our two Mistress call with Ms Rachel this weekend was proof that surrendering to You and being in Your control is what I need.
    I have been bound to You for a long time and will continue to be bound to You.
    I am proud and excited when You show off Your control of me.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve accepted who I am and become which is a cream puff girl. I do like wearing wig/d cup breast forms/makeup/lipstick/perfume/lotions
    Women’s clothes/dresses/leggings/yoga
    pants/blouses/women’s turtleneck sweaters/ankle and knee high boots. I’m not gay or into guys just love the fit and feel of the soft satin silky fabrics against my soft waxed girlish skin. My masseuse has taken pictures of me with her phone in dresses/makeup/lipstick/measured and fitted me in bra along with using perfumes mixed with lotions for my massages and facials as well taking me out dressed with her shopping holding her purse and shopping bags. I do what she wants and asks as she can hit send anytime with her phone and by doing this to me she’s made me her cream puff girl which I don’t mind as she told me not to worry about her husband or care what others think and I agreed with her. There’s no better feeling having this done to me and it’s finally happened.

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