Submit to Your Mistress

Let me share with you a phone sex call I had recently….

I absolutely adore it when I get an experienced submissive on the other end of the phone.  I love it when he tells me about his visits to previous lifestyle femdoms and the torture and humiliation he has endured as their personal pet or toy.  I salivate when this pet tells me of his arsenal and my mind begins to reel with the possibilities of what I can do to him.  When this is the type of caller I have, I settle in with a smile and start plotting my next move.  I feel like a cat, toying with my prey.  I like to start off slowly and deliberately with a bit of pain.  Then, I allow a bit of pleasure.  Then, more pain ensues.  It’s a vicious circle and involves throwing some humiliation in to sweeten the pot.  I am sincerely in my element and can’t wait to hear his moans of agony and pleasure.


I got exactly this opportunity earlier this evening.  This little humiliation and pain slave was a first time caller to me and when he began to speak, I knew I was in for a treat.  However, the poor boy was so excited from staring at my pictures that his physical endurance was extremely lacking and he shot his wad in a matter of minutes.  I was so disappointed!   We didn’t even get to use more than one of his toys!   Now, I can’t blame him for being excited but here I sit, waiting for my next victim, juices flowing and ready to pounce.   I almost pity the next unsuspecting submissive who dials my number.   Naturally, I took the opportunity to humiliate him for being a wimp and his lack of stamina, but it didn’t quite satisfy my needs.

The lesson here is that playtime is just as much fun for me as it is for you but, much like foreplay, it needs to be savored.  Particularly if you have a laundry list of toys and you want to experience the ultimate phone sex domination session with me.  I LOVE playtime and yes, I enjoy it as much as you do.