Naughty November

I love November.  I love watching the leaves change color here in Oregon.  The bright reds and russets and golds just amaze me.  Mother nature is a powerful woman, I’m sure of that.  In fact, she can be quite the femdom this time of year teasing us with her beauty and then throwing in the snow storm from hell to get our attention.  But, the best thing about this time of year is that I get to spend it cuddled up by a warm fire having erotic conversations with the boys I love most.  I sip my hot cider or hot buttered rum and purr in your ear as I hear you breathlessly moan for me.  Makes me all warm and tingly in my naughty parts just thinking about it.

Femdom Fantasies

I’m sure you’ve wondered what it might be like to be taken and owned by a beautiful woman, haven’t you?  To me, the best way for this to happen is a natural and slow progression, ending in complete devotion.  I like to get to know you on a personal level.  I like to know what sort of things really trip your trigger.  It’s a journey of discovery for both of us.  Sometimes, just letting me know a few simple things about you and your fantasies can set my mind racing.  Just as it is in your sex life with a physical partner, so it is with phone sex.  The more you learn about the person you are with and their body responses as well as their thoughts, the better the sex gets.  With phone sex, we have the meeting of two minds.  These two minds (yours and mine) share their thoughts and feelings and their darkest secret desires.  The end result is an explosion of epic proportions if done correctly.  Phone sex lets your imagination take over.  After all, your brain is your largest sex organ.  Over the next few weeks I will give you some examples of this, but for now…let your mind wander.