The Hospital of Masturbation Therapy

Those Kinky witches really did a number on you, didn’t they?

You’ve walked for hours and came upon an old building that looked as though it might have been a hotel or an institution of some kind.

Little did you know you were entering the hospital for masturbation therapy.  You hear a noise behind you and then…everything goes dark.

Your Mistress is Your Captor

You awaken to a very bright light shining in your eyes. When you begin to focus, you are amazed to be looking into the most beautiful blue eyes. You notice a twinge between your legs and remember the witches. The spell must have worn off. Thank goodness!


“Good, you’re awake”, she says “Just in time to join the others.” and she throws back your blankets. You are completely exposed and still naked. But, she reaches for your throat and attaches a long chain to a …a…collar? around your neck.  Are you being held captive?  As she tugs on it, pulling you out of bed, you wonder if this is a dream or if it’s real?


“Welcome to the hospital for masturbation therapy,” she purred, her voice thick with anticipation. “My name is Nurse Tia. I’m in charge of your care while you’re here.”

She pulls you along behind her down a long hallway and you can’t help but stare at her gorgeous ass as she sashays her way down a long hall. You are mesmerized.

You are dragged into a large room and you notice there are other men with collars on, beginning to line up and being pulled along by a bevy of gorgeous nurses.


Welcome to Masturbation Therapy

Well now, good afternoon and welcome to your new home!

I want you all to line up against this cement wall at the back of our nurses’ station… Nothing bares the soul like being exposed and naked in front of a group of beautiful nurses, does it?

And now, look above and behind you, boys… There’s a little surprise waiting for you… Can you see that line of shackles running along the ceiling and hanging down? Don’t they look just like they’re waiting for your wrists?

Look down next to you. See those stools? Those are for you to stand on when you are locked into those shackles. You might think that we nurses are being very generous, offering you a stool to stand on. Don’t be such a fool. We are going to come along from time to time and kick those stools out from under your feet, leaving you hanging mercilessly. Naked and hanging from the ceiling like meat on a hook.

Now, one at a time, each of the nurses is going to come along and stimulate you to the point of erection. Once you have an erection she will begin stroking your cock. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? To have a beautiful nurse stroking your cock? Don’t get too used to it. When you begin to leak precum or behave in any way that tells us you might have an orgasm we will shock your balls with these long electric rods and get rid of all thoughts of an orgasm. No orgasms for any of you, ever. It’s not going to be that easy.  Instead, you are all going to learn how NOT to have an orgasm.

Now, I want each of you to step up and get locked into those shackles. I’m going to take your temperature. As you can see, my hands are gloved, and my thermometer is a lot bigger than a normal thermometer. I think you will find that this thermometer is going to be inserted in your ass, and when I’m done taking your temperature it will be a temperature I will leave you with. So now, it is best you get on those stools and get ready.

Little did you know, she was going to fuck you with that thermometer. She was going to penetrate your ass and thrust that thermometer in and out of your fuck hole until you were on the verge of an orgasm. The other male patients were being tempted and teased by the other nurses. They were all so beautiful. As you watched the nurses tease the men to the point of erection and then arouse them to the point that they began to ooze precum, you realized this was going to be more torture than having a permanently flacid penis.

Day after day you are subjected to many sorts of torture and tease, and torture and tease. Masturbated constantly to the point of orgasm and then either shocked or left with no orgasm at all. Once the nurse who was masturbating you got you erect and dripping, she would leave you for a bit and come back to slap a chastity device on your cock.

You beg for a release, only to be laughed at and tortured even more. You even beg for a ruined orgasm. Anything but this constant torture. It’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had. Being edged over and over and constantly denied.

In fact, it IS a nightmare!  You awake in a cold sweat…but where are you now? Check here to see what Ms. Brighton has in store for you!