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Welcome to the Sissy Transformation Room

Sissy Transformation Room

Hello!  Come on in, I’m so glad you could make it.  Did you leave your freshly waxed nuts with Mistress Ryan?  You should have, you won’t be needing them here.

Yes, this room is pink.  It’s actually cotton candy pink if you must know.  I had this paint specially created.  Let me show you around; I think you’re going to enjoy your stay here.  It’s quite a lovely room, full of all sorts of feminine touches.  We’ve spared no expense to make it the poshest girly room in the entire hotel.

Sissy Transformation Begins

Come, sit and have some tea.  We’ve put out a nice tea and some lovely cakes and cookies for your pleasure.  I’m sure you must be hungry after all your explorations in the different rooms.  We’ve created a simple tea and cakes, which you’ll see on the table here.  All you need to do is have a bite and a few sips.  Yes, it is wonderful to relax and sip some tea while enjoying a few delicious sweet cakes and cookies, isn’t it?  The transformation will take place as if you were in a Lewis Carroll novel.  What transformation?  Why, yours, of course.  This is the beginning of your journey to feminization.  You can feel it, can’t you?  Your hips are filling out, your cheekbones getting more pronounced.  Your voice is becoming higher.  But, don’t look down, you might be very surprised.  Some things tend to become smaller while your breasts and lips will become fuller and larger.  You’re not a sissy?  Oh, I think you need to look into the mirror, pet.  See?  You are a sissy.  In fact, you’re a very pretty sissy.  You have beautiful long hair and a great figure.  You should show it off.

In fact, that brings me to the closet.  It seems silly for a frilly sissy such as yourself to remain in male clothing, doesn’t it?  Everything a sissy could need in the way of clothing is here for you.  All sizes and colors!  We have pretty lavender lace party dresses, cocktail outfits and even sheer nighties to lounge in.  In the drawers, you will find silk stockings, panties, and bras.  Indulge your sissy fantasies and dress however you like.

Now, I’m going to leave you to dress however you like.  Enjoy yourself!  I’ve arranged a trip to the hotel spa for a deep tissue massage with Mistress Rachel.  You’re going to love it!

7 comments to Welcome to the Sissy Transformation Room

  • TeasedN

    Mistress Tia – I have always wondered how You would dress me for Halloween.
    I am sure it would be slutty and that I would love it.
    I am sure that Ms Rachel would take it a step further into sluttyness!!

  • Tia

    Oh pet, I would dress you like a high class hooker. Stiletto heels, red lipstick, crotchless panties and a short skirt that barely covers your juicy little sissy ass. But, it wouldn’t be just for Halloween!

  • TeasedM

    OH Sweet Mistress – I admit it – this would drive me crazy.
    I love being Your slut.

  • […] flipped over and spilled open all over the lobby. Frilly panties and a bustier you stole from Ms. Tia’s Sissy Transformation Room, a handkerchief full of molasses from Ms. Brighton’s Sploshing Room, and a little jar of cum […]

  • Tia

    It’s supposed to drive you crazy pet! This is why I love putting your little ass in a pair of panties!

  • petey cream puff

    Seeing myself in mirror after sipping tea & eating cookies I feel different as I think something was put in them. Looking at my breats they’ve grown out to D cups filling out my bra along with my cheeks bones more pronounced with my hips/lips becoming fuller as you apply that dark red burgundy shade on me. All my hair from neck down is gone and my skin is so girlish soft and smooth smelling as your spraying perfume on me. My eyebrows have feminine arch also:0 along with my hair shoulder length and flowing into my eyes. is this going to last forever? Im Im a cream puff girl now looking in mirror:0

  • Judy

    How nice and lovely to have a lovely girls room to transform us sissies to real women

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