What is a Tactile Fetish?

Well, simply put, a tactile fetish is something that “feels” good and something that you enjoy in a stimulating sexual manner.  Examples of this are fur, leather, latex,rubber and silk.  I’m sure in the case of leather and latex that smell is also involved but for today we’re going to examine the tactile or “feel” side of things.  The erotic stimulus provided by these fetishes can be very overpowering.  I adore phone sessions with tactile fantasies.

Sensual phone sex Mistress Tia

Leather and Latex

If you love leather, we can purchase a leather hood and place it over your head during our phone sex sessions.  In addition to the smell and feel of the leather, you will feel bound by the hood.  Naturally, a leather fetish would not be complete without requiring you to wear leather panties or undergarments made of leather.  You might even be coached to masturbate with a leather boot, adding humiliation to your phone sex fantasy.  The same would apply to latex or rubber.  The use of gloves made of these materials comes in handy and provides additional stimulus.  If you have the availability we may dress you up in a latex or leather catsuit.

Fur and Silk Fetishists

I adore fur as a fetish.  I love to gather up as many fur items as we can and have you lay them all out on the bed.  Then, I would ask you to disrobe and lie down in the cocoon of fur we have created.  Often, I would encourage you to hump your penis against the fur and roll your body around in it.  Fur is like your second skin and it needs to be stroked and loved as much as you do.  If you have fur gloves, we can have so much fun rubbing them over your entire body.

As you can see, tactile fetishes are fun and different.  So, let’s get into some touch therapy sometime soon?


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