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Over 35 Days of Chastity and Counting

My Chastity Pet

Well, it seems my favorite pet, teezedpurple, is going for a new chastity record.   A few months ago, teezed came up with an ingenious idea in which he listens to one of the Mistress Interviews and tries to see how many times he can edge to an orgasm during the show.  He posts his stroking details on the Enchantrix Empire for all of us in this kinky community to comment on and gasp in awe at his restraint.  I have to admit, I never thought he’d make it this long, but he’s been very strong willed and he’s done a fantastic job.  His most recent post I will paste here, with his permission of course:

“Today is the 35th day of orgasm denial. Many of those days i did stroke myself to many edges. You can see my blogs about my edge sessions. i have turned over all orgasms to Mistress Tia. Each edge i reach is in Her honor and it helps me to stay submissive. The longer i am chaste the more submissive and creative i become. my edge sessions are done while listening to Mistress Tia’s pod casts of Her Mistress Interviews and or any of Her erotic audios. i have also listened to many of the other Mistresses audios while stroking and edging my/Ms Tia’s cock. my chastity is not with a device. (my circumstances won’t allow for a physical device though i would love it). i am on my word of honor and before any of you scoff, don’t. It is in my interest to obey Ms Tia’s rules and if i ever did break my chastity i would own up to it with Her and would share it here. Anyone that has followed my blogs saw my entry about an accident i had some months ago. i was so depressed and very sorry for that accident. i accepted a punishment from Ms Tia but it was minor compared to the feeling i had knowing i had disappointed Her. Chastity does not require a device……it can be done with will power and the guidance of a true Dominant, Understanding Mistress. i am lucky to have acceptance from such a wonderful Mistress. ”



As I’m sure you noticed, Teezed is a very respectful pet.  He understands that his mistress controls him and owns his cock completely.  But, he also understands that I do so with love.

If you’d like to learn more about Teezed and his chastity journey, you can check out the Enchantrix Empire or give me a call if you’d like to become one of my chastity pets.


5 comments to Over 35 Days of Chastity and Counting

  • Hello Ms. Tia,
    I just wanted to stop and say hi and say that I love teezed and comment with him on EE all the time 🙂 Your doing a good job keeping him chaste, and keep it up, he’s so cute when he’s needy!

  • tia

    I agree wholeheartedly! Aren’t chaste men wonderful? I think the only thing better than a chaste pet is a respectful and submissive chaste pet. Teezed should be the model for all future applicants!

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    I appreciate the comments about chastity, as I am a sexually submissive male. I have several mistresses that instruct me when to NOT touch that cock and when I should do a masturbation marathon. I returned from a vacation, during which there was no opportunity to masturbate, due to circumstances. Upon returning home, I am instructed to masturbate for several hours, taking a few breaks. Since I am also into orgasm denial, those are edging and tease and denial sessions. I have found – and my mistresses agree – that the combination of chastity (no stroking for 5 to 20 days) and masturbation marathons (lots of stroking for 4 to 6 – even 8 hours) with orgasm denial make an effective combination. When my cock is controlled by dominant women, it gives me pleasure!

  • Teezedpurple

    Cum_Filled_Balls you are in a great relationship indeed.
    Oh Mistress Tia and can’t wait to be back under Your cock control. From March 2013 until last week I have been off the reservation. Stroking and cumming whenever I wanted to. All those wasted pathetic orgasms had no meaning. They were stolen from me and more importantly, from You. I am ready to pay whatever price is needed to once again be Your Cock controlled, teased, orgasm denied, edge pet.

  • teezedpurple

    For those that have not been following, I am once again under Mistress Tia’s care and control. I will begin regular posts each day as to what has been happening as I progress through a new orgasm denial and edging cycle for this lovely Lady, Mistress Tia.

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