Calling All Panty Boys!

Hey there, if you’re a panty boy, I’d like to talk to you today! As you know, I’m very much into male masturbation as a thing, and I’d like to explore panty boy masturbation with you guys today. I hope you enjoy.

So first, let’s talk about what a panty boy is. A panty boy is a type of crossdresser who mostly or entirely sticks to panties as their means of crossdressing. Some crossdressers do lingerie only. Others do full outfits, and still others do full outfits, plus full makeup and hair. Panty boys generally just wear panties to fulfill their crossdressing desires. It just depends on the person in question as to how far they want to take their crossdressing.

So what do panty boys usually do when they get dressed up in their favorite pair of panties? Well, the answer is, anything they want! But it often comes to pass that they want to masturbate while wearing panties. And that’s where your favorite Masturbation Mistress comes in.

Panty Boy Masturbation

If you’re a panty boy, there are multiple ways you can masturbate. You can stroke yourself for me while you’re wearing your panties. Many panty boys like to leave them on and reach underneath them to play with their cocks. Others like to rub it through the material of the panties, as though they’re rubbing a clit. This is more common among panty boys who have small penises, though.

It’s also not unheard of for a panty boy to engage in anal masturbation. I encourage this if I think someone might be interested in it because I think anal play really enhances one’s masturbation experience. So if you want to use fingers or toys (like dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, etc.), then you’re always more than welcome to do so when you’re with me, whether you’re a panty boy or not!

Feminization Fantasies

Now, I’m going to go ahead and say that I fully understand all panty boys are not feminine and not all of them aspire to be. Some just like the feel of panties against their sensitive areas. But many of them do have feminization fantasies. If you’re one of those panty boys who does have a thing for feminization and would like to sort of feminize your masturbation routine, I’m here to help!

We don’t even have to dress you in anything else if we don’t want to. You can wear nothing but panties and still be girly, if you like. What matters more than what you’re wearing is your mindset! If you get it in your head that you want to be femme, you can be. It’s as simple as that.

If you’d like to femme up your masturbation, I do recommend trying a couple of the things I mentioned above, namely rubbing yourself through your panties as though you’re trying to rub a clit and also anal masturbation. Both of these things will help you feel more feminine if you try them.

And if you need some help making it happen, well, that’s what I’m here for. I can also facilitate other femme-adjacent fantasies, like strap on feminization to make you feel extra soft and girly on the inside.

But no matter what kind of panty boy fantasies you have and what kind of panty boy masturbation you like to engage in, I would love to help you with it. All you have to do to make it happen is to give me, Ms. Tia, a call. I can’t wait to talk to you about all your naughty panty fantasies!