Hey, guys, have you ever been curious about a fun game of pass the penis? I would love to tell you more about it today because it’s one of my favorite games, being a Masturbation Mistress and all!

Pass The Penis Is A Tease And Delay Game

Basically, what pass the penis is, is a tease and delay game. Tease and delay, of course, is exactly what it sounds like. It involves some cock teasing, and then your orgasm is delayed until later. It can also be a full-on denial game if you want or if your last Mistress decides it should be!

But what happens during a game of pass the penis is, you first tell the dispatcher how many teasing Mistresses you’d like to speak with during your game. Or, alternatively, you can let her choose how many there will be! Generally, each session with each Mistress lasts 10 minutes, but if you’d like to go longer with each lady, feel free to request that.

Then, you are sent to each Mistress in succession. They will all tease you and delay your orgasm through the course of your session, and then you’ll be sent to your next Mistress after you finish with the previous one. At the end, your last Mistress decides if you get to cum or not.

Do You Get To Cum, Or Do You Get Tease And Denial?

Usually, a game of pass the penis ends with a mind-blowing orgasm for you. But sometimes, either by your request or at the discretion of the last Mistress you speak with during your game, it ends up being a tease and denial session instead. Can you imagine how intense that would be, to be teased by multiple Mistresses, and then finally left high and dry at the end? It would be the set of blue balls to end all blue balls!

But sometimes, that’s just the way it goes with pass the penis! You have to accept what you’re given from your teasing Mistress, after all.

Variations On This Teasing Game

There are also other variations of pass the penis that correspond to other fetishes. One example that we play pretty often is Pass the sissy. In this variation of passing the penis, we take a sissy and pass her around to several Mistresses. Each one uses her the way she sees fit and passes her on to the next Mistress. At the end, you’ll have a very well-used sissy and several very amused Mistresses!

This sort of pass the [insert fetish here] game can work for most fetishes. I envision things like Pass the cuckold or Pass the cocksucker, for instance. There are lots of options when it comes to pass the penis and its many variations!

You can also choose Pass The Penis: The Extreme Cock Tease Edition, where you try to serve as many Mistresses as possible without cumming too soon. It’s quite the challenge if I do say so myself, but it’s also very gratifying. If you can manage not to cum until the end, all that edging will give you such an incredible orgasm. But if your last Mistress decides you don’t get to cum, well…I guess you’re just out of luck, aren’t you?

So if you’d like to play pass the penis or one of its many variations with my lovely Femdom friends and me, Mistress Tia, I would love to hear from you. Give us a call for some pass the penis phone sex today! We’ll have a grand old time, passing you around for our pleasure!