Foot Play

Ah, the Foot Worshipper.  I love men that love feet.  Mostly because that places them solely (pun intended) at my feet, tending to loving them and rubbing them in various ways.  Foot play can be anything from an innocent foot massage or pedicure to actually rubbing your genitalia on your mistress’s feet or even indulging in licking and sucking her feet or toes.  Foot worship or podophilia is a very common fetish.  For most, it’s not a fetish that just appears one day.  Foot fetishists are very particular about their fetish and they have been connoisseurs for a very long time.  Once you are a true worshipper of the sole, you will never go back.

Foot Worship

If you are a foot worshipper you most likely have a very distinct favorite thing that draws you to feet in general.  Maybe it’s the love of long toes or the smell of a sweaty foot.  Maybe you adore painted toenails and toe rings or ankle bracelets.  Sometimes it’s the shape and size of the feet or toes.  Maybe it’s the stockings being placed on the foot or the shape and height of the shoe.

Feet and the Senses

Foot worship is wonderful in so many ways.  There is the visual of a beautiful foot encased in a stocking or a stiletto heel.  The smell of a sweaty foot or a foot being massaged with oils and lotions.  Maybe it’s how that foot feels as you are massaging your mistress’s foot or maybe it’s just that you long to rub your penis all over her feet, begging to shoot your load on her pretty painted toes.  Then there is taste.  Perhaps you love nothing more than to kiss and lick and taste every toe, her instep, heels, and even her ankles.

Sexy Feet

Feet can be very sexy in so many ways.  If you want to know how I like to have my feet worshipped, just ask.  I’ll give you a hint: I’ve mentioned almost all of them right here in this post.  So, let me ask you; if you are a foot worshipper, what is your favorite thing about feet or shoes, or stockings?  Share with me!

Til then, you can bow at my feet and request a worship session anytime.  Bring the nail polish and lots of lotion and be prepared to pamper me ALL NIGHT LONG.