My Top Three Feminization Fantasies

There are so many types of sissies and feminization fantasies, just as there are different types of flowers and snowflakes.  Each feminization fantasy is completely unique and although you may think all sissies are the same, they are most definitely not. So here are my top three but only because these are the most common types of sissies.  I truly LOVE THEM ALL.  Please keep in mind this is MY experience or MY take on sissies.  It’s not written in stone, ever.

#1 – The Panty Sissy – The panty sissy just wants to wear panties, nothing else.  Stockings and garter belts don’t really appeal to the panty sissy.  The panty sissy just wants to feel feminine and girly in a soft pair of silky panties.  For instance, the panty sissy can enjoy strap ons or not, dildos, or not.  This sissy may fantasize about sucking cock…or not.  You see where I’m going with this, right?  There is no cookie cutter sissy.

#2 – The Faggot Sissy – Unlike the panty sissy this sissy can be a complete dresser or only partially.  Either way, the faggot sissy really wants to be a submissive little fag that pleases their lover (A MAN).  Sometimes the faggot sissy limits their love of cock to trannies only.  Either way, the faggot sissy wants dick, period.  Naturally, the faggot sissy is open to a mistress yielding her strap on and training the faggot to be the cocksucker they’ve always dreamed of.  However, the faggot is all about dick.

#3 – Cuckold Sissy – The cuckold sissy is first and foremost a cuckold.  Most likely the sissy part just evolved as the cuckolding became more intense.  Chances are the cuckold sissy never really had a shot at being a real man anyway and wearing panties further confirms that fact.  The cuckold sissy is a complete submissive both to his wife or girlfriend and to the man who is currently pleasing her.  Cuckold sissies enjoy the humiliation of wearing panties and being dressed as a sissy.  Cuckold sissies can eventually find themselves sucking cock or even being anally penetrated.  This type of sissy takes on many variations and all of them are equally FUN!

I love love love all sissies.  I love dressing them up, helping them pick out clothes online or talking to them while they are actually shopping.  I enjoy makeup sessions and complete makeovers.

One thing I understand the most about sissies is the fact that your desire to be feminized will never go away, no matter how much you might want it to at times.  Let your freak flag fly, girl!  And make it a PINK flag!