Mistress – What’s your Favorite Fetish?

I get asked a lot about my favorite fetish or favorite fantasies.  It’s so hard to pick just one.  But, I do have a top 5.  So, starting with number one I’ll fill you in on the top five.  Keep in mind that these are not the only things Iike at all.  I love everything.  But there are definitely a few favoritess.

CBT otherwise known as Cock and Ball Torture

Ok, I admit this is top on my list.  It’s more than just whipping or hitting or smacking your cock and balls.  So much more!  First and foremost I am a complete sadist at heart.  Not only does it excite me to see or hear you (or another) in pain.  But, building the pain into a different realm is a skill that I weild enthusiastically.  I have to admit I think this is the thing that attracted me to Mr Tia.  He has a lot of tattoos so I knew right away pain was okay in certain forms.  I was right.

Pain thresholds are what we focus on when it comes to sadistic fetishes.  I am starting at one level and I will eventually build the intensity a little more with each “tactic”.  If this appeals to you, please have a decent amount of torture devices for us to play with.

Also, it needs to be said that you should probably let me know if this will also be a denial call.  Frequently CBT combines with denial so it’s good to know ahead of time whether or not this is an option.  I’ll admit I consider orgasm denial an added bonus to a great CBT session.  Another option could be a ruined orgasm, which we can get into later.  There are so many wonderful fetish fantasies and I intend to take a look at as many as I can over time.

What’s Your Fetish Fantasy?

Feel free to ask me a question here or through my email in regard to your particular fetish.  I’d love to hear it!