Is Smell A Part of Your Fetish?

Think about it.  If you took away your ability to smell your favorite thing, would you still be as aroused as you are when you are able to indulge in that sweet sexy fragrance?  Your favorite smell can be so many things.  Leather?  Sweat?  The lovely fragrance of a woman’s sex, or her ass, or her feet.  Or her worn panties.  Any one of those smells could be the one that you crave.  Or maybe all of them?  How important is this fetish in your phone sex fantasies?

The Smell of Leather

I admit it; I love leather.  That new car smell is a certain aphrodisiac, but I’m thinking more of the smell of a leather crop, or boots, or a leather skirt.  Of course, it has to be the buttery soft leather.  The kind that feels so good when you run your fingers over it.  In fact, just caressing beautiful leather can arouse me.  Yielding a new leather crop can have that same effect.

The Smell Of Sex

Okay, we all know the smell of sex is a definite aphrodisiac.  But, in what sense?  Is it the cum itself?  Is it her beautiful juices wafting up to your nose?  Is it YOUR cum and the way it smells?  Or maybe it’s the enticing cocktail mixture of the two together?  For some, it’s the smell of their lover’s panties when they are fresh and wet with someone else’s spunk.  Cuckolds understand this smell very well.  Some cuckolds are very aroused by the smell of a freshly fucked wife or girlfriend.  In fact, smell is one of the things that triggers a cuckold in a lot of cases.  Imagine, if you are a cuckold:  Your wife or girlfriend coming home smelling like another lover?  Heaven, isn’t it?

Perfume, The Aphrodisiac

Maybe you have a favorite perfume that you like to wear if you are a sissy, or you have a favorite scent that brings back some wonderful memories.  I have to admit that I consider myself a perfume snob.  I adore sexy, provocative scents.  When a man asks me what perfume I’m wearing I know that I have more than just a little of his attention.

What’s Your Smell?

What is your favorite smell in regards to sex and arousal?  Share!  I would love to hear from all of you about the smells that get your juices flowing.