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Reasons You Should Eat Your Own Cum

Cum Eating 101

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to eat your own cum, or you fantasize about eating your own cum.  But, there is only one reason that interests me.  You want to do it for ME.  You want to do it for your mistress because I want you to.  Simple as that.  You are devoted to me, your mistress.  You desire to please me, right?  You say it all the time.  You are constantly telling me how you long to make me happy and please me.  Well, if you want to please me, you will do as I say, always!  So, when I tell you that I will be happy if you are lapping up every drop of your own dick drool, rest assured I’m not lying.

How To Eat Your Cum

There are many ways to make eating your own cum an easier task.  The first one that comes to mind for me is fruit juice.  The sweeter the cum, the easier it is to swallow.  Drink a glass of pineapple juice or apple juice every day for a week and abstain from red meat.  Then, get ready for a masturbation session.  Be sure to psych yourself up ahead of time.  This will be the time you finally do it!  This will be the time you eat that cum!  Believe me, getting past that first taste is 80 percent of the battle, I promise you.

Encouraged Cum Eating

If you still think you need some help, give me a call.  I’ll be happy to encourage you to slurp up every drop of your cock cream.  But, please don’t disappoint me.  After all, don’t you want to see me smile?

7 comments to Reasons You Should Eat Your Own Cum

  • Kendra

    Yes and yes this makes me feel so hot just thinking about pleasing you and having me feel so girly by eating cum… this has to be the ultimate way to become a cum eating bitch which is my dream cum true… yes I shave my body, yes I go to a salon to get a girl cut with waxing of my eyebrows and yes I only wear panties. So eating cum is the next logical step in becoming.

  • Tia

    Kendra, it sounds like you are well on your way to not just eating your own cum but maybe eating others? It’s exciting that you are only wearing panties! Just imagine how it will feel to have a face full of your own cum. Or??

  • Kendra

    If your watching then yea I would absolutely luv to have a cock in my mouth and cum on my face… an ultimate dream cum true….

  • Tia

    Kendra, of course I would be watching. Just give me a call and turn on your camera! We have Skype sessions available all the time. I love to watch little cum eaters when they spray on their own faces. So exciting!

  • TeasedM

    It took a long time and some determination on Your part, but You did turn me into a cum eater.
    When I finally did it I was so happy that I pleased my Mistress I will gladly swallow every drop whenever You say.
    You are correct – getting over the first taste is 80 percent of the battle.
    I will never disappoint You again Mistress – I will lick it up whenever You say.

  • Tia

    I know it was a long training process but you became a very adept cum eater, didn’t you? There are times now that I think you actually look forward to it and I can hear the anticipation in your voice, hoping to swallow that next creamy load! Such a good little cum eater!

  • TeasedM

    Yes Mistress, I do look forward to swallowing that next creamy load for You!
    Now that You have me trained, I find it impossible to cum without You and I need to eat cum for You after You allow release. Thank You Mistress. You are so good to me.

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