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What’s Your Panty Personality, Sissy Boy?

Your Panty Personality

Every sissy and crossdresser out there have a favorite type of panty they like to wear, right?  But, what does your favorite panty style and fabric or color say about you?  Are you bold and daring?  Are you a shy little submissive sissy?  Do you like to be a tease or are you a total slut?  What’s your panty personality?

What Style of Panty is Your Favorite?

We all have a favorite style of panty.  Are you concerned about panty lines and like to feel free?  A thong sounds like it’s perfect for you.  I’m sure you knew that, didn’t you?  Are you a bikini or hipster wearer?  The really accentuate those hips and make you look a bit curvy, don’t they?  Yet, they also cover the bulge in your panties fairly well.  Unless, of course, you are a tucker.  There are also the granny panties or the knickers that are frilly and have girly bows.  You know, the kind that a sissy girly girl would wear, right?   Don’t forget the boyshorts, also known as the cheeky panty.  I actually adore these and the way they make my ass look is…well, it just looks great.  Classic briefs provide everything you need in a panty, but not in a slutty sort of way.  They cover well and the fabric can caress your intimate parts, which is always nice, right?  The tanga, thong, and g-string all say, bad naughty girl.  But they also expose that ass so I can give it a good hard swat when needed.  Doesn’t hurt at all if you’re an anal slut, either.  

All Panties Are Sexy Panties

Do you like the color pink, or do you prefer a provocative red?  Or do you stray from the pack and go for something in a purple or blue lace?  It’s so hard to decide, isn’t it?  Sheer is always a good choice if you’re a slutty sort of sissy.    A girly girl type of sissy who dresses in frilly skirts and prances around the house like a cheerleader will probably opt for white cotton or a white control panty, similar to spanks.


What’s Your Panty Personality and Why?

I’d love it if you’d share with me in the comments below and tell me why you like the style or color of panties that you do and what do you feel when you wear them?  What do you think your lingerie choices say about you?  What do you think my panties say about me?

Black sheer panties work every time!


I’d love to chat about it more.

16 comments to What’s Your Panty Personality, Sissy Boy?

  • Emily

    I love all panties but a sheer with some lace bikini panties are my favorite.

  • Tia

    Hi Emily!
    I bet you look pretty cute in those sheer bikini panties! Sissies who like sheer or lacy panties tend to be on the submissive side and they also tend to be a tease. Is that true of you?

  • Emily

    Definitely on the submissive side . I like to be teased not to tease others . I want to get caught out on public wearing panties . Just not sure how to go about it .

  • TeasedM

    Hipster and bikini are my favorites – cheeky and can be worn under my slacks when Mistress has me in panties.
    I will have to try some boyshorts one day for extra cheekiness!
    White and black are run of the mill ‘put on you panties and go to work today’ colors.
    Pink makes me feel more submissive and relaxed. Red panties make me feel like a slut – plain and simple.
    I love silky and satiny panties for the light stimulation and constant reminder of my Mistress.

  • Tia

    I do love it when you are assigned to wear panties for me. I often think of you getting ready for work and sliding on your panties, stopping to blush as you think of me and the secret we will share for the day. You and I are the only ones who know you have panties on. It’s a sweet secret, just for your Mistress!
    My panty covered pet!
    Ms Tia

  • Tia

    If you’re one of those that wears your pants a little on the low side, consider a thong. That way, you can squat down in a store to look at something on the bottom shelf and show off your “whales tale”.

  • Miss Tia, my favorites are briefs and boy shorts right now. There is something sexy about the snug coverage that I like. One of my sissies said thongs are his preference because the string touching his hole reminded him that he is a sissy bitch! I like that thought.

  • Tia

    I agree, Mistress Lena. I have been wearing boyshorts and cheeky panties a lot more lately and I love how they accentuate the curve of my ass, as I’m sure they do yours. But, we all have to have the thong in our repertoire. Who wants VPL? Not me!

  • Emily

    But I want VPL then maybe someone would see that I am wearing panties .

  • Tia

    oooh Emily! How very very naughty of you! But, I get your point perfectly. Sometimes you want to take the chance of someone discovering your #girly secret.

  • Emily

    Yes exactly !! But kind of by accident .

  • TeasedM

    Sweet Mistress Tia – When You started my training panties were a punishment for me.
    Now, I must say that I enjoy how being in panties makes me think of You all day.
    I love our sweet little secret. If the girls in the office only knew that I was Your pantied pet!!

  • Tia

    Maybe we should have you wear a thong or a g string and bend over so they get to see that whale’s tail, huh? Just think of the wonderful office gossip that would create! #sissyboy

  • petey cream puff

    I like the hipster/boyshort and the bikini pamties. Control briefs would be good as well to control my hardon and use for tucking. Would you have me in matching bra also MsTia?

  • Tia

    I would have you in a matching or color-coordinated bra. It seems to be more popular lately to sort of mix and match, as long as you stay with one color the same between the two. It’s cute and fun!

  • Tom/Debora

    After all the hours we talked you know that I venture out enfemmee as I totally dress. My favorite panties boyshorts and bikini. But then I also love g-strings. Those work well cause I don’t need to tuck with only 2 inches. I like pastel colors but always end up in red or black.Those tend to make me slutty. Love you mistress TIA

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