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Masturbation Month – MAY

There is a debate in the United States as to which day is the “real” Masturbation Day.  Some say it’s May 7th and some say it’s the 28th of May.  I really don’t care which day it is.  All I care about is the fact that we have an entire MONTH dedicated to the joys of masturbation.  Think of it, THIRTY ONE wonderful days dedicated to nothing but wanking, choking your chicken, spanking the monkey, jerking off, beating off, or whatever term you prefer.  In fact, I bet you could call it something different each day of the month and never repeat the same term twice, which just goes to show that the human race as a whole spends an awful lot of time thinking of masturbating and probably even more time actually masturbating.

A few things you might want to know about masturbation if you didn’t already:

  1.  Masturbation is extremely healthy and encouraged.  For men, it keeps the prostate healthy.  For women, it can relieve PMS.  For both sexes, it releases endorphins that are very important to you physical health.
  2.   No, you cannot die from masturbating too many times in a row.  But, I’m sure you will pray for death if you are caught masturbating when your mistress has strictly forbidden it.  Naughty, naughty little masturbation addict.
  3.   Tired of the same old thing every time you masturbate?  Want to liven it up a bit?  Well, you could have a guided masturbation session with me, the Masturbation Mistress, or any of the other lovely ladies.  We love to manipulate your cock and your mind.

Even if you just celebrate in solitary, that’s fine.  As long as you put your PALM into it!  Now get out there and enjoy masturbation month.   I have a few new “buzzy” toys and I plan to celebrate!  Here’s some incentive, in case you need it: