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Submissive Summer Fun!

Summer Submissive Fun!

I have to admit, it’s been a super busy summer playing with my submissive boys.  You all know that I love to take time off in the summer and that’s exactly what I’ve done.  So, when I’m here (at my computer) and available for your fantasy phone sex calls, I like to get as much naughty fun in as I can.  That doesn’t mean I’m not having naughty fun.  I’m just doing it elsewhere.  Hey, it’s summer! *wink*

Remember that chinstrap dildo from my last post? (Think back, it’s been awhile!) I have had so much fun with that toy this summer.  It’s easy to pack and take with me in my purse or even in my beach bag.  Once a submissive boy sees it he gets very excited, thinking that he’s going to get all sorts of satisfaction out of it.  But, in truth, all he gets is a sore chin and a worn out tongue!  Aww, poor subby!

Extra Kinky Summer Fun!

So, in addition to teasing the boys on the beach and at the pool in my sexy, skimpy bikini, I’ve  been enjoying the weather and getting in some “outdoor” time.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, our summers don’t last a long time and then it’s back to the dreary rain.  So, if you don’t see much of me, that’s why.

But, I can guarantee if I am available, it will be between 7PM and 12AM Pacific (That’s 10PM to 3AM for you east coast people).

Who knows, maybe you can volunteer to be the next one to wear that chin strap dildo?  OR maybe you want to be the one to ride it?  That can be arranged also.  I can think of quite a few faggy submissives who would drool at the chance to wear that dildo and have a bi boi riding his face.  Mmmmm, sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?


1 comment to Submissive Summer Fun!

  • Petey cream puff

    Would you involve me wearing matching pink bra/panties along with pumps/lipstick and dresses as a girl? I bought d cup breast forms and they filled out my bra. They are so real after body heat absorbed them. Now I know how women feel. With future calls I’m sure you will want me to wear them and I will. I do want robe your submissive/feminine cream puff where you dress/turn and keep me as a girl.

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