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Becoming My Submissive Chastity Slave, Part Two

Becoming My Submissive Chastity Pet

I know, I kept you waiting, didn’t I?  That’s how I control you, pet.  That’s how I tease you, that’s how I own you.  Notice that I added the word, “chastity” to being my submissive slave?  That’s because I prefer my boys to be in chastity.   The longing and the waiting becomes more and more intense until you think you won’t be able to bear one more minute.  I would never abandon you.  I can’t leave you to your own desires, who knows how much trouble you will get into without me?  I must control every waking minute in order to keep you from having an orgasm without my permission.

Now, I have returned from my shopping and I bought some fabulous items at the adult toy store.  Awww, poor baby, you didn’t get to go with me.  Which makes it all the more fun because you have no idea what I bought.

First, I will inspect you.  Nicely clean shaven?  Wonderful!  Now, turn around and bend over, touching your ankles and spreading your feet a bit.  Hang on and get your balance.  I purchased a butt plug just for you and it has a little jewel on the very end of it.  It’s actually nice and pretty.  You will wear this butt plug at all times unless you are sleeping, understood?  Or, if you have to use the bathroom, of course.  Otherwise, you are to keep your boy pussy ready for me at all times.  In addition, you will begin wearing a chastity cage immediately.  I want you locked up.  No more masturbating for you!  The next time you masturbate is going to be a long time from now.  You should be more concerned with servicing me, your mistress.  A good submissive chastity slave knows their place.

Want to see what else I have for you?  facedildo

Isn’t this wonderful??  I’ll tell you what we’re going to do with it in the next installment.  My panties are already wet just looking at it!

7 comments to Becoming My Submissive Chastity Slave, Part Two

  • Kendra

    Yes Mis Tia I completely understand and will do as I’m am told.
    Just before you put my cage on my, sorry your owned cockily could I masterbate??

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve never been in chastity. With me being your submissive cream puff would you have me in bra/panty set along with makeup/dresses/feminine arched eyebrows/lipstick along with wig? Would I be able to get release? This would be difficult as I would so hard and not able to get off.

  • Terry

    Oh my gawd Mistress Tia, I can’t wait to hear what comes next

  • Tia

    As I just told that sissy cream puff who asked ahead of you , NO! You will be able to have a prostate milking once a month. But, that’s it.

  • Kendra

    Ok, I will do as you wish. I’m just a little scared…

  • Empress Rayne

    Fun series Ms Tia! I love how you have the subbies above whipped into a frenzy and ready to do whatever as it continues on…and that device that allows you to have your pussy eaten and fucked by a huge dildo at the same time is the greatest thing ever invented! I understand why you’re so excited about it!

  • Tia

    OMGosh, I swear I completely forgot that this was my last post. I have to admit, that chinstrap dildo has been getting a workout this summer. As a matter of fact, so has my subbies tongues and my pussy! It’s like having all the best things in one toy. If subby doesn’t measure up, no problem. Just strap on this chinstrap dildo and ride his face to ecstacy. I LOVE IT!!

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