Mistress Tia for President!

With all the news lately about all the presidential candidates and which one is dumber than the other, I got to thinking about what it would be like to have a mistress for our president.  Then, I thought, why not me, Mistress Tia, for president?  After all, we all know a woman should be in charge, right?  Who better to be the ruler of the United States of America than a dominant woman such as your very own Mistress Tia?  I think I would be a great president.

New Rules in Mistress Tia’s Land

Of course, there would be a lot of changes if I became president.   Men would be controlled by women, exclusively. We would control your sexual urges, your masturbation habits, your porn viewing habits…basically every single thing you take for granted in your kinky little world would change.  A mistress would oversee all those naughty habits of yours.  There would be an entire government department devoted to controlling and changing men for the better.    Men would live to serve their mistresses.

Chastity for All Men

In keeping with the new order of things, I would make it a law that all men must be in chastity.  Only a few select men would be allowed to “swing free” and those men would be chosen by a panel of 12 women.  These twelve femdom women, similar to the Supreme Court but better, would create the new laws and government agencies needed to keep order in the land.  Of course, order wouldn’t be hard to keep because women would be ruling things.  We don’t let things get out of hand.

Corporal Punishment and Humiliation

Punishment for men that did not obey the new laws would be corporal punishment such as canings and public spankings.   Some men would be subjected to public humiliation and shaming.  In fact, we would have entire websites dedicated to publicly shaming men by making them do humiliating things.  Some would be made to dress up like sissy maids, some would be cuckolded, some would be put on display naked for the women to laugh at.

Vote for Mistress Tia for President

I’m open to suggestions.  Let’s hear what you would look for in a candidate if it were Mistress Tia for president.