Let it Snow…NOT

Damned snow.  I love the beauty of it but I have to be honest, I’m not a cold weather kind of girl.  I suppose I should be happy we don’t get much of it here in Western Oregon but when it hits it’s either here and gone or it hits hard and lingers well past its welcome.  The past few days has been the latter.  Since I have to go down a flight of outdoor stairs to get to my office, this is a bitch, literally.  Naturally, Mr Tia went out and dutifully shoveled the stairs and made a pathway for me.  It was gorgeous for about 3 hours and then the snow began again.  We have had over a foot of snow in the past 48 hours.  Now, I would love a foot of cock to play with but I will pass on a foot of snow.  Luckily, or maybe not so luckily, we are going to get freezing rain and then regular rain and it will all be gone.  Let the flooding begin.  But, seeing all this snow reminded me of a special humiliation pet I had a few years ago who loved me to humiliate him.  It just happened to be snowing so…

Naked Snow Angels

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone but this humiliation pet promised me he would not risk hypothermia and the temperature outside was only 33 degrees, so I felt we were safe.  My humiliation pet was instructed to go to his back door, disrobe completely and run out into the snow.  He was then to lie down and make a snow angel.  Naturally, he had to take a picture of the snow angel afterward.  I told him to run out, make the snow angel, and run back inside to get his clothes back on and get warm.  Then, he could go back out and take the picture.  I didn’t want to risk his health.  By the way, he had a fully fenced back yard.  I laughed so hard when I got the picture in my email.  No wonder I always smile when I see snow!  Maybe next time I’ll have him make a cumsicle!