Super Moon Party!

I will be away for a day or two, returning Monday evening, the 24th.  I’m sure you’re wondering what sort of plans I have.  Well, let me tell you.  Some of you are aware that I practice the art of Wicca, I’m sure.  For those of you that are not aware, I just let you in on it.  Since this Sunday is a super moon, meaning the moon is the closest it will be to the earth for all of 2013, I couldn’t think of a better way to start my summer!  So, I am planning a little party in the woods with some very dear friends.  We might be skyclad (nude) and we might not.  I haven’t quite decided yet.  I suppose it depends on the weather.  But, either way, I will be enjoying the moon and a beautiful fire outdoors with some great friends, sipping some homemade wine and indulging myself in nature.  I hope you enjoy the super moon as much as I do, no matter what you do.


Fetish Party

Speaking of parties with friends, I had a chance to attend an awesome party last week!  This was one of my favorite type of kinky parties, there were no rules and everyone was welcome to enjoy their particular fetish or fantasy at the party.  The hostess greeted us at the door in a latex cat suit that would have made cat woman green with envy.  The night just got better and more exciting as it went on.  There were so many instruments of torture and humiliation, I have to say I had the chance to treat my senses and play with a few submissives as well as a few new devices that I hadn’t seen before.  I promised myself that I need to get to these parties more often.  I saw a new butt plug, called a tunnel plug.  It has a hollow portion making it possible to insert things like enemas, ice, etc.  I had fun popping ice cubes from my drink into the subby’s ass while watching him squirm!  I played with a violet wand on a bad little boy for hours and then hooked him up to a new electrostimulation device made to look a lot like a cock and ball harness.  I could set the levels and make his penis do all sorts of jumping and twitching!  It was fantastic.  It was also explosive in the end because I got carried away.  But, hey, I’ll have a bit more RESTRAINT next time.  Such is the life of a fabulous femdom, right?

Phone Sex Special!

Just in case you haven’t noticed or been over to the Enchantrix Empire lately, I have a special surprise coming up on the 30th of June.  I will be the featured mistress of the day and if you are a previous caller to the service, your first 10 minutes with me will be free between the hours of 12PM and 9PM on Sunday, June 30th.  I’m sure you won’t want to miss the chance to stroke that cock for your mistress, so mark your calendars and get in line!

See you all on Monday!