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Home For Lunch

You are at work one day and realize you left a very important paper at home that you desperately need for your afternoon presentation.  Your beautiful wife is out for the day with some friends that she planned to meet for lunch, followed by various errands.  You know this because you discussed it with her this morning as you were getting ready for work.  So, since you can’t have her run the papers to your office, you decide to run home, grab a quick bite to eat and the papers, then head back to the office.  In fact, if you time it just right, you might even get a chance at a quick masturbation session before you have to run out the door.  After all, that wife of yours just hasn’t been all that interested in sex lately and your balls are so swollen you can barely walk without thinking about masturbating.  You make your plan and notify your secretary that you will be taking a bit of a longer lunch than usual.  Grabbing your briefcase, you make your way to the elevator.  As you descend to the parking garage you are almost giddy at the thought of finally having some alone time and getting rid of that ache in your crotch.  After all, the presentation will be so much easier if you aren’t thinking about your pent up frustration.

Masturbation Lunch Hour

Surprisingly, traffic is very light and you make great time getting home.  You pull into the garage and close the garage door.  You unlock the door from the garage that leads into the house and head upstairs to the bedroom.  Once you are in the bedroom you quickly remove your pants and hang them on a hanger, so as not to wrinkle them too badly.  You take off your jacket and loosen your tie, removing it also.  Experience has taught you that if you’re going for a quickie, it’s best to be neat about it so you don’t have to change to an entirely different suit.  No one wants to explain that one.  You lie down on the bed and reach over into the nightstand drawer for your favorite lube.  Squirting a bit into your hand you start to massage your already throbbing cock.  It feels so wonderful and you can’t even remember how long it’s been since the last time you came.  You start thinking about your beautiful wife and that gorgeous ass of hers.  The one you never get to touch anymore.  You close your eyes and imagine her sweet pussy and her soft lips.  This almost sends you over the edge immediately so you slow down a bit in order to enjoy the sensation.  That’s when you hear it….voices!!

To be Continued….