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Hesitation Can Be The Best Tease of All

The Beginning of My Evening

He emails me, “Remember me, I’m the one who…”  I reply, “Yes, I remember you, how are you?”  A few moments go by and I receive another email.  This time it says, “Well, I know it’s been awhile and I’m very nervous, you’re not on the phone are you?”

I reply, “No, I’m not on the phone at the moment, you should get over your fear before someone else does.”

The Middle of Phone Sex

What happens next?  Naturally, my phone rings.  Naturally, it is NOT the gentleman I was emailing with.  But, it is a very interesting customer and I am having a fantastic conversation, away from my desk.  We talk and laugh and do wicked naughty things on the phone together for a few hours.  I am truly enjoying this guy and he is so much fun!  But, all good things come to an end and he politely thanks me before we say our goodbyes.  What a nice guy!

I return to my computer and find FIVE emails from the previous gentleman.  #1 – “Ok, I will call in a few minutes”, #2 – “I called and they said you were on the phone, any idea how long you will be?”, #3 – “I can’t believe you are still on the phone…why aren’t you answering me?”, #4 – “I think the dispatcher is lying to me, you can’t be on the phone this long!” (my personal favorite and just so you know, dispatchers never lie) and finally, #5 – “OMG I am so freaking hard I can’t stand this waiting!”


The Frustration of Anticipation

I didn’t do a thing, honestly.  I just picked up my phone.  Just so you know, the resulting tease and anticipation you felt was just a bonus.  A very nice bonus, but just the same, it wasn’t intentional, no matter how overjoyed I am at the outcome.

Also, I do need to mention that if I am on a call, I will NOT answer an email or an IM.  The person I am speaking with is paying for my undivided attention and that is what he is going to get.  You will receive the same when you call, I guarantee it.  Next time, don’t hesitate…..*SMILE*.

The Best Ending Ever

The moral is I did get to speak with gentleman #1 and he was very worked up when we finally got on the phone.  I made him think I may have done it on purpose, which made the call even that much more delicious.  I know, I can be so wickedly evil, can’t I?


3 comments to Hesitation Can Be The Best Tease of All

  • marlowe

    Hesitating on asking to worship those stocking seams…please Goddess

  • peterteasetoy

    It is always a gamble to make that first contact, Ms. Tia.

    But you know that with LDW you’re in safe, and seductive, hands!

    Especially when, as marlowe points out, they’re wearing sheer, back-seamed stockings and also having perky nipples as suckable as yours!

  • teezedpurple

    Mistress Tia is always worth the wait. Hours, days, weeks, even months can’t diminish Her erotic, hypnotic voice and the things She can make you do on the phone. Go ahead and get frustrated at the waiting. Just remember, all good things must wait…and wait…and wait….

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