You Long to Serve a Dominant Woman

You’ve emailed me many times and we’ve had some very frank discussions about your fetish as well as the fact that you long to serve my, “beautiful creamy ass”, as you put it.  But, all of my pets know that it takes more than just a few emails before you are welcomed into servitude for this Femdom.  You must prove that you are worthy to serve me.  You must always be respectful, of course.  Politeness is given high points; both in email and when we are on the phone.  If I give you an assignment, you must relish every detail and do your utmost  to complete it.  Naturally, you will fall and slip along the way (especially if part of your assignment is wearing those 5 inch stilettos I made you purchase).  But, don’t worry.  That’s what I’m here for, pet.  I will deliver the proper punishment and you will magically find your motivation once again.  It’s my pleasure, to bring you pain.


Pleasure is Pain and Pain is Pleasure

Yes, that’s right, I said pain.  Because with every bit of pleasure I derive from your whimpering and simpering, you will feel pain.  Now, it might not be physical pain like slapping, spanking or caning.  But, it will be pain, nonetheless.  Humiliation delivers its own form of pain.   I enjoy the way you crawl across the floor to me, your cock visibly twitching with excitement.   I enjoy denying you that orgasm and keeping you in chastity until you are breathlessly begging for a release.  I enjoy referring to you as PET, or SLUT, or even LOSER.  Admit it, you enjoy it, too.  In fact, it’s quite evident when I glance between your legs.

So, beware that when you say you want to serve me, I expect First Class Service, not coach, pet.