Sissy’s First Time

If you are a sissy you most likely started out at a pretty young age, right?  I mean, one day you were folding the laundry and that pretty pair of pink panties that belonged to your step mom or step sister just caught your eye.  You couldn’t help it, they felt so soft and silky to the touch and you wondered why you got stuck with those ugly cotton briefs while they got to wear pretty things that actually felt good.  So, you snuck  a pair and smuggled them off into your bedroom.  Late that night in bed you were so excited to be wearing them and feeling the luxurious fabric against your skin that you got a hard on.  It was thrilling!  Naturally, you thought about what might happen if you got caught, and some of you actually did get caught and humiliated by the panty’s rightful owner.  But, it never stopped you from wanting to wear panties.  You felt pretty and sexy and you just had to do it again..and again….and again.  For some of you, the humiliation was part of the thrill and your tormentor took that to the highest level she could.  She made you dress up in much more than panties and parade around for her and her friends to laugh and taunt.  Little did she know that you would grow up to be a panty wearing sissy who loved to be teased and sensually humiliated about your dressing fetish.

Femdom Fun With Sissies

This is where I come in.  I am more than happy to put you on a webcam and make you give me a fashion show that a Victoria’s Secret model would be proud of.  I feel the same excitement you do, watching you slip those panties on and look like such a fairy.  I get breathless when we progress to lipstick and stockings and heels!  I love to laugh at you and with you while you put on a show for me.

Now, please don’t think that I am so narrow minded as to think all sissies love to be humiliated.  I know that some of you just love to dress, and I truly enjoy that also.  It’s all about the dressing up and looking pretty and feeling your feminine side, no matter what.