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Beach Blanket Boogie!

It’s time to head off to the beach so here are your instructions while I’m gone.  If you are in chastity, you will NOT stroke while I’m gone.  If I have given you other instructions, disregard them now.  You will NOT stroke while I am gone.  You may dream of me sitting by the pool in my new red bikini if you like, but you may not stroke.  If you are a sissy you will put on your favorite bikini and sing something from the movie Cocktail into your hairbrush each and every day.  Maybe you should hit the tanning salon?  I mean, after all, no one wants to see a pasty white girlie girl in a bikini, do they?

A Present For You

So, for any of you who have a CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) fantasy or a stocking and pantyhose fetish, I left you a gift while I am gone.  You can take your choice of which decadent pleasure you want to indulge in.  Do you have a fantasy of being cock teased by a beautiful woman in sheer lace top thigh highs?  One who knows your secret penchant for such things?  Well, you will want to be sure and listen to: The Stocking Tease.  If being humiliated due to the lack of your clothes in front of a room full of giggling coeds is more your style, check out The Model.  When I return, I will work on a guided masturbation audio that I guarantee will blow your mind and your cock!

‘Til then!