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Your Loving Mistress

The Loving Pain

“Breathe deeply in between each strike”, she said.  You are lying face down on the bed in the exact position your mistress has placed you.  Your naked body is exposed completely and you are very nervous, which is evidenced by the tightening and clenching of your buttocks, making your mistress laugh out loud.  “Do you think I can’t tell you are nervous?”, she said in her soft and sensual voice, the same voice you adore and have worshiped for years.

How did you come to this place?  How did you end up lying on your mistress’ bed, with a blindfold,  being whipped with a leather crop and loving every minute of it?  The answer was simple actually.  You gave yourself to this woman.  It started slowly, years ago.  You met her at a party and she instantly seemed to know things about you that you didn’t even know yourself.  The two of you spent hours having a very intense conversation and you were excited to find someone who shared as many philosophies as you did.  She said she sensed there was something special about you.  You asked her for a date and she agreed.

As your relationship progressed she began to test you.  It wasn’t very obvious at first.  She began by scratching you or biting you during foreplay or sex.  You enjoyed the feeling of hot water and soap stinging in your wounds as you stood in the shower the next day.  You even smiled as you fondly remembered how she had taken control of you.  She knew you, inside and out.

Every mark she leaves on your body is another pleasant reminder of her beauty and her loving control over you. When you sit down to the breakfast table you are sorely reminded of the beating you took the previous night from the hand of your mistress and her new riding crop.  You smile as you adjust your ass and try to ignore the pain.  But, the pain only makes you aroused, as always.

This is your life.  This is how it is with a mistress who loves you.  This is what it’s like to give yourself to a beautiful domina and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

2 comments to Your Loving Mistress

  • coffeeboy

    its amazing how two simple words can be so fraught with distinctions. at one endpoint there is the masochist, totally “loving pain.” at the other, there is the submissive, the grateful recipient of Her “loving pain.” and between, there’s a continuum.

  • magnus

    Very hot post, MsTia. I can definitely imagine being him lying there, the blindfold keeping me in the dark, awaiting the next swing of the crop on my tender ass….

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