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Pretty Sissies and Fancy Faggotry

Pretty Sissy Fun

This week has been sissy week so far and I’m adoring every single second of it.  Particularly with the holiday season upon us, it’s even more fun to shop for sweet sissy panties and sexy lingerie together.  My absolute favorite thing for any sissy is to send them out for a . . . → Read More: Pretty Sissies and Fancy Faggotry

Hair Fetishes: The Short and Long of It

Hair Fetishes

Lately I’ve been having a lot of phone sex calls with the same theme; hair.  Now, these fantasies do take different turns.  Some want to talk about the bare and bald pussy and lack of hair.  They want to examine the smooth lips of the vagina and worship it’s soft sweetness.  Some . . . → Read More: Hair Fetishes: The Short and Long of It

A Message from My Chastity Pet

My Chastity Pet: An Update

I asked my chastity pet recently to write an essay about what chastity and being a chastity pet means to him, as well as why it is important to him.  I mainly did this because the poor dear has had not one but TWO accidents during his training and . . . → Read More: A Message from My Chastity Pet

Shopping Encounters and Wonderful Surprises

Shopping Encounters

I went shopping yesterday.  Now, normally I wouldn’t even mention the fact that I went shopping but this was quite a mentionable experience, to say the least.  I was in one of my favorite department stores, in the lingerie department as a matter of fact.  You see, the anniversary of my first . . . → Read More: Shopping Encounters and Wonderful Surprises

Cocksuckers and Crossdressers


I am, I confess, a cocksucker.  I love giving a great blow job and I pride myself on knowing all the little nuances and signals my lover gives out while I lovingly perform the art of fellatio.  I respond to his moans and movements perfectly.  I listen to his breathing and pay close . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers and Crossdressers

Naughty November

Naughty November

I love November.  I love watching the leaves change color here in Oregon.  The bright reds and russets and golds just amaze me.  Mother nature is a powerful woman, I’m sure of that.  In fact, she can be quite the femdom this time of year teasing us with her beauty and then . . . → Read More: Naughty November