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Femdom Fantastic Movies

Seems this has been movie week for me so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on two particular movies I saw recently.

I was up late the other night and I got sucked into a very interesting movie called Zerophilia.  A young man has his first sexual encounter and somehow it gives him the ability to change his sex.  I thought of all the sissy boys who would love to suddenly discover they had the ability to produce breasts at will, not to mention change other parts of their anatomy.  What sissy boy wouldn’t love this magical ability?   It was a decent movie and I know a lot of sissies would love it, so you might want to see it.  The main character of the movie grows breasts and even develops a vagina whenever he is physically aroused.  I’m sure this fantasy would appeal to a lot of sissies.  I won’t tell you how it ends, of course.

Speaking of movies, I went to see Mars Needs Moms in 3D last week and I thought it was very interesting that the martian people decided that men were no longer needed.  Smart women.  They didn’t need them so they banished them to the underworld of the planet.  They carried on their world of strict order and when new males were “hatched” they were also banished to the underworld to be raised by the unreliable and incompetent (their words not mine) males.  The women of the planet had a military like order to things and they planned to keep it that way.  So I guess Martians are femdoms, huh?  Well, it doesn’t stay that way but I don’t want to give away the end of the movie, in case you want to see it.

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  • Aaron Jacobsen

    I have seen the blurb on Zerophilia on netflixs on my computer, however have not yet seen it. It is interesting to see a movie where the female is a strong lead be it either action or drama. For example I know in some areas that “Cat Woman” with Halle Berry as the lead was panned. But I enjoyed it, ok yes for the outfit she wore and the strong feminine sexuality that was just oozing out of her. I have seen the “secretary” way back when but do not remember the most of it to make any strong comments.
    I would really like to say Philadelphia Story” with Katherine Hepburn, for after a third of the movie she had Jimmy Stewart if she wanted him, but did not, she was still in control. At one point he did state that “I am a gentleman and there are some things a gentleman does not do” sorry but the nice guy in me just truly loves that part for he did the right thing. But yet in the end, it was Cary Grant again who got the dominant position back, where she had to in a sense capitulate herself to the whims of the male dominant society, which kinda sucked. But hey awesome upper crust foible character movie.

  • tia

    I strongly recommend you watch Secretary one more time and commit it to memory. Particularly the spanking scene. Only, in my mind, the roles are reversed of course. I think it’s interesting that you would go back as far as Philadelphia story. Katherine Hepburn has always been a favorire of mine and I consider her quite the femdom in her own right. I wonder what she would have been like to have phone sex with? Interesting thought, huh?

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