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Masturbation Fantasies

Masturbation Fantasies

It’s late at night and you can’t sleep or maybe it’s early in the morning and your hard on woke you up.  You tried to go back to sleep but no matter what you did, there it was, bobbing up and down like a buoy, demaning your attention.  Your erection just won’t leave you alone.  Of course you can’t help but start to touch it, can you?  You close your eyes and start stroking that raging hard on.  Immediately you feel the tension start to release from your body.  Your shoulders relax and your breath becomes deeper.  You feel the sensations coursing through your body and start to replay in your mind the last time you heard my voice during a guided masturbation session.  It wasn’t just an erotic dream, you know that.  It was a fantastic masturbation fantasy and my voice carried you to places you only dreamt existed.  You remember quite fondly the way my voice seemed to envelope your cock, coaxing you to touch it and caress it in ways you never had before.  The slow and sensual movements I told you to make, the way my voice carried you away, it all comes back to you now, doesn’t it?  Slowly I give you very detailed masturbation instructions, increasing the intensity of my teasing as we indulge together.  I take control of your cock as well as your mind. 

You can picture me on the other end of that phone, tracing my fingertips gently over my hard nipples as I listen to your breathing become more and more pronounced.  It’s obvious we’re both excited, you know that.  Each time you get close to orgasm I slow you down purposely, not wanting our time together to end too quickly.  I love building the intensity as much as you do.  You begin to feel your balls swelling and the pulsating rythm of an orgasm.  You hear me gasp and that’s all it takes.  The orgasm begins and your cum begins to spew from your hard cock in a river of relief.  Ahhhh, the sweet pulses of relief.  You enjoy every single second of it, relishing the feeling of release all the way through your body.  Now, you can sleep at last, or begin your day.  You remind yourself to call me again, soon.  Very soon.

8 comments to Masturbation Fantasies

  • WOW Ms Tia!!! I heard this for the first time the other day. Oh My God…I was so glad to be at the end of my day when I heard it.
    Hell, I am not going to lie about it, it was a huge turn on to hear that audio at 7:30 in the morning 🙂 So much so that afterwards, Yes I had trouble going to sleep.
    Note to self, call Ms Tia first chance I get 🙂

  • tia

    Paul I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I truly enjoyed creating it, I must say. Erotic audios are one of my favorite things about being a femdom mistress. Check out our new commercial in my next post. I think you’ll like it.


  • PlungerBoy

    Yes Miss Tia….so hot. I could not kep my hands off myself. And yes, I have a note on my calendar to call you and truely live out this phonse sex experience with you.

  • tia

    Thanks Plungerboy, I look forward to having a hot steamy phone sex session with you! Check my schedule at the top of the blog and give me a call.

  • Aaron Jacobsen

    Sorry had to stop writing there for a second, Uh oh… need to clean up keyboard now. That was intense. I have read the blogs on edging and control from a few of the Miladies. It seems to be one of the current themes so far in March. But your description above, in my now excited state seemed like a gentle soft “gift” from you to the man. Yes you were guiding him, still, but yet it seems like it was more “femme” than “domme”. That you also enjoyed the softness of it.
    To me that is more of the concept of sensuality which I truly enjoy. How in the end it is shared, guided, but yet freely, for the enjoyment of both. It is very erotic and I will remember it on the cold winter / fall mornings here in Michigan. It almost seems you were reading our minds when you wrote this.
    I know silly question, but how does a woman know so well how a man feels sexually in masturbation etc.. when you all do not have the same physical equipment. For I don’t even come close to saying oh yess I know how you feel when you masturbate and the sensations zinging through out your body from the chest to the lower lips. It is still a wonderful mystery to me to be continuously explored.

  • tia

    Normally I would tell you that’s for me to know and you to never find out. But, I am in a sharing mood tonight so here goes… I have always been fascinated with men’s penises. I find them absolutely enthralling in every way. Every man I have ever been with knows this about me. How does he know this? I drive him crazy with questions, that’s how. I seriously ask a man how it feels to have an orgasm, I ask him to describe it to me. I also ask men to tell me the most sensitve parts of their cocks and how they like to have it touched, etc. I have even gone so far as to ask a man if I could hold his penis while he pees, lol. I got yelled at for that one because I apparently squeezed harder than I should. But, I learned something from it. Every cock is different and every man is different. I guess you could say I’ve made it my life’s work to learn them all, one at a time.

  • tia

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Maybe you should keep your hands off yourself until we have a chance to get steamy on the phone? I want to live out your phone sex experience with you, also. Write me and tell me more about your fantasies. I love to hear those kinky thoughts you have locked up in your mind.

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