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Training Tia’s Way

Masturbation Guidance and Training

You have probably been here a few times, or maybe this is your first time reading this blog.  Either way, you probably wonder exactly what a training session with me consists of.  Well, let me tell you what it takes to be one of my trainees.  First, you must be dedicated to your training.  No matter what I ask of you, you must be willing to comply.  Now, this is not to say I’m rigid or non negotiable.  You can, of course, negotiate with me.  But you’d better have a good reason for not wanting to do that particular task.  Maybe you’ve never experienced anal training and you have no desire to.  That’s fine, we don’t have to do that.  Or maybe the thought of eating your own cum disgusts and repulses you rather than turns you on.  I can work within your parameters.  But, if you think you can ask me for masturbation management training and then run off as soon as you hang up and jack off to your heart’s desire, think again.  As for those of you who tell me you want denial and then balk at the thought of not being able to finish at the end of your call I have a quote for you.  “Be careful what you wish for.”  Be sure that when you ask for orgasm denial you actually mean it.  This way we both get exactly what we want.

Feminization Training

Sissies are a completely different ball game and take special long term training.  A sissy needs to learn everything about being female.  Sissies will be expected to complete certain shopping tasks, like buying their own panties and stockings.  Sissies should learn the proper techniques for applying makeup and how to walk in heels without falling all over themselves.  A good sissy will also understand that grooming is her number one priority.  Sissification training is a long and complicated process which will take you on a feminization journey.  We will explore everything from being a sissy maid to being a sissy cuckold and you can decide what works for you.  Maybe you just want to be a cock sucking sissy fag.  That’s fine, too.  Just tell me and we’ll proceed with your training based on the results you want to achieve.  If you’d like an example of what I consider a good sissy assignment you can check out my latest assignment at Sissyville.

I’ll talk more about other forms of training tomorrow.  Until then, if you’d like to set up a call with me please feel free to fill out the pre-call questionnaire at the top of this page.  I will receive an immediate email with your answers and you and I can work together on the ultimate phone sex fantasy.

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