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Summer Phone Sex Fantasies

The weather is finally warming up in my part of the country and I have to say it’s gorgeous. Warm days and mild nights are perfect for sleeping in the nude, which I do a lot of this time of year. In fact, I don’t think I wear much of anything in the summertime. . . . → Read More: Summer Phone Sex Fantasies

110 Masturbators to Go and a Sissy Contest!

I wonder, is it fair to count someone more than once if he’s masturbated for me more than once this week? Some of you have decided to become my ardent admirers. I must say I was surprised to hear that I am being discussed in the college dorms.  I can’t blame you, to . . . → Read More: 110 Masturbators to Go and a Sissy Contest!

Hump Day with Mistress Tia

It’s hump day, Wednesday.  We are now halfway through the week.  It looks as though I may hit my 150 strokers for the month, thanks to all of you.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I want you all to stop calling or pledging your masturbation time to your mistress because I am far from . . . → Read More: Hump Day with Mistress Tia

125 Strokers to go!

My plans to talk to 150 masturbators for Masturbation Month are well under way. I have spoken with 25 of you so far. The very first was a cum toy who happily stroked his little heart out for me, it was delicious. To hear him masturbate for me on the phone, panting and moaning . . . → Read More: 125 Strokers to go!

It’s a Masturbation Phone Sex Festival!

Just in case you didn’t know it, May is National Masturbation Month.  Not to mention that today is Cinco De Mayo, one of my favorite days.  Probably because I love the colorful mariachi music, spanish guitars and of course, salsa dancing.  Okay, so the salsa dancing is more Brazilian.  It’s still HOT, watching all . . . → Read More: It’s a Masturbation Phone Sex Festival!’s not an Orgasm

I am still up at this hour, 3:25AM on the west coast.  I took a nap today and slept much longer than I had intended to so here I am, still feeling like being a cockteasing bitch.  Wide awake and talking to all of you naughty masturbation freaks on the phone.  You know I . . . → Read More:’s not an Orgasm