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Great fun on the Phone Sex Lines

Hey boys!     I’ve had a chance to talk to a few of my favorite phone sex perverts lately and I’ve been having so much fun.  I talked to Sissy Michelle last night and we had such a nice talk.  I’m really hoping we get to go shopping at Victoria’s Secret next week when I . . . → Read More: Great fun on the Phone Sex Lines

Cuckolding and Ball Busting

I’ve been around tonight for a few hours and I’ve had a few great conversations so far, I’m still ready for more, though.  My favorite topics tonight have been cum eating from my NPPWB.  Happy Birthday early my boy!  I can’t wait for the party.

Cuckolding seems to be a hot topic lately.  I’m . . . → Read More: Cuckolding and Ball Busting

Truth or Dare Phone Sex

I was reading Cosmo this week and it gave me an idea for a game.  A sort of phone sex game we can play.  Of course, this would require complete submission on your part and complete honesty on both our parts.  I’m sure as a child most of you played truth or dare.  Wouldn’t . . . → Read More: Truth or Dare Phone Sex

Hot Phone Sex, Cold Beer and a Cool Pool

At last, summer has arrived.  I was beginning to think that the idea of getting my legs waxed last week was a complete waste.  But, lo and behold it finally arrived.  So, now everyone can enjoy my soft sexy long legs when I lay out byt the pool.  Naturally, I’m sitting here as close . . . → Read More: Hot Phone Sex, Cold Beer and a Cool Pool