Hello all,

Seems this week has been a great one for phone sex confessions!  I’ve had so many interesting conversations I simply couldn’t choose a favorite if I tried.  There was the guy who confessed to stealing panties from the laundry room in his apartment complex.  Pervert!  But, he normally only got clean panties, poor thing.  Still, he attempted to sniff the crotch of them and fantasized about the pussy inside them.  The conversation was quite interesting as he revealed his obsession with the female sex organ.  Since there are not so many true pussy worshipers as one might think, he impressed me with his ability to take it to the next level.

Next, there were some of my all time favorite boys.  M wanted a reprieve from having to wear his panties for almost 2 weeks straight.  Of course I gave him some time off from panty duty but not without upping his daily assignments.  Poor M, each time he is in chastity it gets a bit longer.  I wonder if he realizes that soon he will be granted a release only twice a year.  Forced chastity is something I know he secretly craves, however, it’s been slow and steady to convince him and the rewards have been great.  I just hope he keeps up the great work.

I’ve updated the schedule, so check the availability page as I will be available more this week and that means great phone sex for you and for ME!  I love a sexy conversation. 

Ohhhhh, I almost forgot!  We have 4 brand new Empress’ this week!  That’s right, 4!  Empress Mallory, Empress Vanessa, Empress Celeste, and Empress Jill.  So be sure and say hello to each of these very talented ladies!

Mistress Tia