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It was getting later into the date and they were both looking forward to going home. This was their fourth date and she felt comfortable enough to know how the evening would be ending. Many innuendos had been thrown around during their phone conversations and the sexual tension had begun to build. One night in particular came to mind when he confessed his need to be controlled sexually. She had noticed a few things during their dates and probed his mind without him even realizing it. She had quite a surprise for him that night, one she knew he was anticipating ever since the night she said to him, “I just think I’ll have to tie you up and whip your ass.” She saw the light in his eyes as she said it. She knew he was the perfect submissive.

He was very playful during the date as usual, holding her hand and placing his arm around her, opening her doors and lighting her cigarettes. It was as if he had been previously trained. He was sure the fact that he took to the role so easily was a clear sign to her, a sign of his submission. He was looking forward to the evening and he knew, deep in his hear that she was about to take him on a wicked journey.

“I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now”, she said. “So have I,” he said. They were undressing each other in the bedroom. The walls of her bedroom were a beautiful shade of red and candles had been lit, giving off an eerie but sensuous glow. She walked to him, wearing nothing at all but a smile. His eyes drank in her beauty and the way she looked at him. She held her hands behind her back and gently asked him, “Do you trust me?” “Yes, I do”, he answered. She slowly brought her hand from behind her back. She held a black scarf in one hand and a black blindfold in the other.

Stay tuned for the next chapter….