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I’m sure some of you have missed me the last few days and I can understand that. I am, however, available this evening and answering the phone for a short period of time. I will also be available pretty much all weekend and I am very ready to play out any phone sex fantasies you might have.

I got to speak to a very interesting caller the other night; we’ll call him Mr. Q. He was interested in a very specific giantess fantasy in which he shrunk down to 6 inches tall and I picked him up and put him in my Gucci bag. He loved the idea of sliding around in that satin Gucci lining and being shoved around by all my makeup, car keys, cell phone, etc. I made sure to inform him that I had set my cell phone on vibrate so that every time it went off he would be subjected to the vibrations pulsing through his little 6 inch body. At some point though, fickle woman that I am, I got tired of him and sold him to an older woman with a Prada bag for her amusement. The fear in his voice was delicious as was his excitement! The new older, very wealthy woman let him know that he would become her personal pet and entertain her whenever she decided he should do so, in naughty nasty ways! It was a great phone fantasy, one I hope I get to replay again soon.

Talk to YOU soon!

Mistress Tia