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Ok, I confess I fantasize about sex a lot. I guess that’s just my nature. I get up in the morning and think about sex, I go for a walk and think about sex, I see a commercial and think about sex. What sort of sex? Well, any kind actually. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I think about flogging a boy until he literally becomes a puddle of tears and begs me to stop, yet he hasn’t yet used his safe word so I know he’s fair game for more torture. Sometimes I think of sitting my ass on a man’s face and making him perform ass worship for hours. I think about that one a lot on the exercise bike, actually, probably because it’s the perfect position for that form of humiliation and ass worship. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to be perched below the bicycle seat with your nose in my ass while I pedal my 5 miles a day? I can and it’s delicious!

Then there are the times I have fantasies of having my sissy maid on the kitchen floor, scrubbing on her hands and knees in her little sissy maid skirt and frilly lacey panties. I love that one. I get out my strap on and sneak up behind my maid and take advantage of her in her weakened state. I would be sweet at first; seducing my sissy into thinking I really want to be her lesbian lover. Then I would reveal my true intentions and ravage her on the kitchen floor. The best part of this is that I know the little panty slut would make a mess on the floor and I’d have to make her finish the rest of the day scrubbing when I was done having my debauchery of fun.