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Hey all,

So I was thinking today I’d love to create a video with pictures and put some audio recordings with it, etc. I am hoping to place this on You tube soon. In the meantime, I have posted some new recordings on the Mistress Always Wins site and they are very good. I love the fairy tale and it will continue for quite some time. Watch for some AB audios also.

Also, check out Mistress Courtney’s blog, she has started a story that will involve myself, Mistress Tara, Mistress Lillith, Mistress Tanya, Mistress Dana, and Mistress Cassandra. It’s going to be a naughty little saga of what happens when 7 evil seductresses hit the BIG APPLE, that’s right, New York City! Each of us will be telling our portion of the story so get ready for some fun!

As for me I will be taking a little 2 day break from being your phone fem domme. But I will be returning Sunday afternoon and while I’m sure some of you might be engrossed in football I have a tight end you can keep an eye on during half time.

I have started something new and I’d like to bring your attention to it while I’m here. My voice mail now states that if you would like to leave me your name and phone number, along with the best time to reach you, I will call you back. Believe me, I have at least 3 regular masturbators that have benefited from that information this week. So, feel free to leave your number but make sure you leave a time frame also. I would hate to wake you up in the middle of the night, or in the middle of someone!