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Are you a dumbass?

Are you? Do you think you’re not? Well, take this test and find out if you are.

Dumb Ass Test

I scored a perfect score and am NOT a dumbass or retard. So, let’s see if you fall into the dumbass category. If you don’t then maybe you can find your way . . . → Read More: Are you a dumbass?

Your phone sex costume

What candy do you most covet in your Halloween stash?

Anything that goes well with a few wiskey shots

Mmmm… you covet people’s sticky candy hands

Gummi bears

Haloween peeps

Pixie sticks!

Something chocolate-y and crunchy

You covet no candy. You share it with your disciples.

Something sugar free – got keep that figure

. . . → Read More: Your phone sex costume

New Sexy audios

Hello strokers and sluts, fags and pain freaks,

I am just finishing up a wonderful little story for As soon as I finish this extremely erotic sissy recording I’m going to turn my phone on and talk with all of you for the rest of the evening.

This is a great story written . . . → Read More: New Sexy audios

TGIF Thank Goodness I’m Fun!

You know I’m fun if you’ve spoken with me before, right? Well, if you haven’t called me for some phone sex madness tell me this…what the fuck is your hold up? Many men jump at the chance to talk to me as soon as they see that I’m available.

We have a few new . . . → Read More: TGIF Thank Goodness I’m Fun!

Phone sex weekend

The weekend is almost here and I’m really looking forward to this one. I’ll be able to spend almost all weekend talking to nasty perverted boys on the phone! I really hope there is a lot of you, and yes subby boy, that means you also! I’m in a particularly devious and treacherous mood . . . → Read More: Phone sex weekend

I want MORE

Hey boys, here it is mid-September and the football has begun, the leaves are beginning to fall and all I can think of is I want MORE. More calls, more boys and definitely more fun. A Mistress can never have too much teasing and denial fun, can she?

Since I want more I’m expanding . . . → Read More: I want MORE

Your Masturbation Mistress

So, you think you know me. You think you know what sort of Mistress I am? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I’m not the sort of woman you would see on the street and automatically know that I’m a Mistress. I do the normal things you do. Grocery shop, pay my bills, . . . → Read More: Your Masturbation Mistress

Fuck you, fuck me

I have only one thing on my mind today. I have an agenda, so to speak.

I have a new gardener. He is gorgeous. His name is Juan. I know, it’s sort of cliche’, isn’t it? But he is beautiful. He’s my latest distraction. I believe I might be his, also. I had to . . . → Read More: Fuck you, fuck me

Your seduction

Well, it’s been an interesting week. I had a chance to talk to some wonderful customers and weave a few interesting phone sex fantasies. I love talking to J and we have a great time with his roleplay fantasy. He likes to be dressed up in all my lingerie. This particular time I told . . . → Read More: Your seduction