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Sexy is as sexy does

I feel sexy today. I feel sexy and vibrant and full of engery today. More so than other days. So, I think I’ll try to spend as much time as I can doing sexy things. Maybe I’ll eat strawberries in bed Sunday morning. But, one thing I know I will do for sure…answer your . . . → Read More: Sexy is as sexy does

Hump day and Phone sex!

Hello again,

For those of you who missed it I did my radio show last night. I’ll be on the radio and entertaining all you horny asses every Tuesday night. For some of you it will be Wednesday morning so a great way to start your hump day experience.

Speaking of hump day, . . . → Read More: Hump day and Phone sex!

Motorcycles are sexy!

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Nothing gets my motor running as much as a hot bike. Now, I’ll admit I’m not verbally skilled at being able to tell you the difference in horsepowers and straight pipes, etc. But, I do know I love the rumble of a bike and the feeling of . . . → Read More: Motorcycles are sexy!

It’s not just Phone sex

If you are a client or customer of mine you know that it’s much more than phone sex. In fact, I’d venture to say that what we have between us is more of an erotic conversation than it is phone sex. Wikipedia defines phone sex this way:

Phone sex is a type of virtual . . . → Read More: It’s not just Phone sex

Summer fun on the Phone!

Well, I spent some time answering the phone tonight and got to talk to a few new people, which was fun. It seems there was a common theme to the night; forced feminization and forced bi-sexuality. Since I’m the kind of Mistress that loves nothing more than to whip out my strap on and . . . → Read More: Summer fun on the Phone!

Feel like being naughty?

I feel like being a naughty girl tonight. A tease, actually. I feel like teasing and denying every boy I talk to and then adding in a little humiliation for those really perverted boys that deserve it so much.

In case you’re wondering my weekend went fine. I got to see some great . . . → Read More: Feel like being naughty?

Out of town till the 7th of August

For those of you who attended my radio show last night, you already know I’ll be out of town starting tomorrow and I’ll be returning on the 7th of August. For those who missed the radio show, what the fuck is wrong with you? I’m live on cock radio every Tuesday evening from 9PM . . . → Read More: Out of town till the 7th of August